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For our tournament

For our tournament

Personal message

The club currently consists of one senior team and a coach. In the next 8 months, we plan expand to two senior and two junior teams as well as a ladies’ team, each with a coach and assistant coaches. We therefore seek assistance in many areas either financially or in-kind to be used exclusively for the growth and development of the youth of Cape Town. Other expenses such as annual membership fees, travel expenses, tournaments and match-day running costs are also challenging factors as our players are from the underprivileged Cape Flats areas and cannot afford this contribution, less even proper futsal apparel.  

We therefore have decided to host our own tournament to raise funds for the club in order to soar towards our dreams. Our vision and main aim is to create a tournament which is so well structured that it will inspire more clubs and organisations to get involved and grow the sport. With the proceeds we wish to expand to those additional structures. The venue will be Belhar Sport Centre, Proton Road and it will be on Sunday the 26th of August 2018. The official flyer of the tournament will be launched on the 1 June 2018 with more information of tournament structure and winnings.

Should you become involved in supporting the event, you would be linking your business with all our activities both on and off the field. This I an excellent opportunity for mass exposure as this will become a bi-monthly event.

Please take a moment to review and select which best fits your business & budget:

  • Tournament Launch-      R2550-00
  • Venue Fees –                   R3500-00
  • Winning Prize Money-     R5000-00
  • Trophy’s                          -R500-00
  • Referees                         -R1000-00
  • Gazeebos-5 Gazeebos needed hire supply)
  • Beverages (Cool drinks and h2o for participates and to be sold on the day)
  • First Aid Medical Staff               –R800-00
  • Security                                       -R1000-00
  • Sound System-Hire Supply        -R2500-00
  • Futsal Balls- 10 Balls needed
  • Club banners/sponsorship banners/flyers- Club and sponsors branding banners /flags/flyers ect
  • Estimated Budget: R12 000


Our goal is to attract a supporters and audience across the Cape Town area and receive positive feedback from all participants, supporters and all sponsors involved. We therefore will strive to operate on a professional manner leaving no room for error.

Feel free to view our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our website to find out exactly who and what we are. Should you have any further queries or if you are willing and able to assist us with any of our requests, feel free to contact or email me.


Your assistance and response will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Shannon Thompson 

CT Falcons FC

Club Secretary


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 12 000.00



The club competes in The CAPE TOWN METROPOLITAN FUTSAL LEAGUE (CTMFL), which is proudly affiliated to the South African Futsal Federation (SAFF) and The Association Mundial de Futsal (AMF). The AMF is the world governing body of Futsal and due to this affiliation and strategic partnerships, all clubs and players in South Africa can compete locally, nationally and internationally. We have recently competed in the CTMFL tournament and ended second however, three of the Falcons were chosen for the Western Province squad as well as “Most Influential Manager of the tournament”, we are also currently top of the league in the CTMFL. We believe futsal has the potential to be one of South Africa’s leading sports entities whereby our youth has the opportunity to compete against the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and the rest.