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Frikkie Hillicks's Vet Costs

Frikkie Hillicks's Vet Costs

Personal message

On Sunday, the 13th of October, Frikkie was in the middle of a fight with monkeys and dogs. He got off worse than the rest of the pack. The skin on his neck and bum was torn from the muscle and also the skin from his hind leg.  The bites were very deep and the vet had to put in drains and had to fix a big gap on his bum.  He has had three ops so far and today they're trying to bring the skin together to close the wound on his bum.  The draining is good in his neck and he will heal. Time is all he needs.

You can imagine that you're never prepared to see your baby hurt like that. It is going to be an enormous amount.  I've asked the vet to give me an estimate on the three days and two ops so far and that was already around R10,000. He had another op today and from there the wound cleaning.

Support for Frikkie's way to recovery will be much appreciated.

All funds will be used for Frikkie's road to recovery and excess funds will be used for animal buddies in similar situations.

Update 20 November 2019:  Frikkie is doing very well and is recovering fast.  The scars will take a while to fade but he is a little fighter.


  • Oct 27, 2019 - USD $ 14.73
  • "We used Intrasite (specialist recommendation) on 2 animals, contact me for details [email protected] it worked well on open wounds " - GC

  • Oct 24, 2019 - R 102.82
  • "Hoop hy word gou beter!!" - Isak

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Frikkie Hillicks Vet Cause

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My name is Daleen,  Frikkie is our pet, but also our baby.  He is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Pekinese.  He has the cutest face and an awesome personality.    He was badly hurt in a fight on the 13th of October and we are raising funds to cover the cost of his vet bills and care.