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Funding for my MBA

Funding for my MBA

Personal message

My name is Luthando Christopher Vuba and I am newly enrolled student at the ALU School of Business for the MBA programme Class of 2019.

I am a qualified Urban Planner, with a strong Transport Planning. My experience spans spatial planning, transport planning, urban management tools and analyses, stakeholder management and international leadership, youth development, facilitating and thought leadership. I like to consider myself a skilled strategist in translating policies into implementation plans and a good driver of innovation within policy and strategy.

As a young, dynamic leader in my space, I would like to become a specialist in the space of improving infrastructure planning in our economic region and throughout the rest of the continent by applying tailored transport solutions and macro planning strategies. Understanding business and particularly business on the African continent is crucial to that vision and I know that ALU School of Business will provide me with that.

The programme is a 20-month world-class leadership development programme for ambitious professionals is designed to groom Africa’s business leaders in a relevant, world-class and innovative way. It is coupled with 6 in-person block weeks, which take place at the ALU School of Business in Kigali, Rwanda. The cost breakdown is as follow:

Tuition fees: $15,000 per annum (2 years)
Travel and accommodation: $5700 per annum (2 years)

In South African Rand, this loosely translates to R522,000. I have managed to bootstrap and raise funds (R248000) and still need to raise about R274,000.


  • Jul 20, 2017 - R 925.38
  • "I'm proud of you buddy! May the LORD answer all your prayers!" - MaThanjekwayo

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Donations to date

R 248 925.38

Fundraising target

R 522 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 248 000.00

Funding Luthando's MBA

Funding Luthando's MBA Logo

My name is Luthando Christopher Vuba and I am newly enrolled student at the ALU School of Business for the MBA programme Class of 2019.