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Fundraising for Monster Spoortjies Daycare Centre

Fundraising for Monster Spoortjies Daycare Centre

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With a lot of hope in my heart I decided to start this campaign in order to raise funds for Monster Spoortjies Daycare and Holiday Care Center.

The center was established by Nicky Morrison and her mother to accommodate children with a loving and caring environment.  They do a lot for the children and even when they can't make ends meet, they are always willing to assist the parents with fee cuts if the parents are struggling. 

Their school motto is "EVERYDAY IS A GOOD DAY" and I want to help them achieve a good day everyday by creating a fundraiser to help them with supplies for stimulation of the children, food for the children (as they give 2 meals per day), decor for the rooms and to erect a full play-area for the older children, as well as to help with everyday expenses in respect of electricity, rent, salaries, groceries ect.

As Monster Sporotjies are accomodating more and older children during the school holidays, I would also like to hereby raise money for supplies and entertainment for the older children.  Monster Spoortjies are open throuigh the whole year.  Monster Spoortjies also have a swimming pool for the hot summer days and would it be great to raise funds for pool play equipment to make the swimming hour more fun. 


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  • Aug 16, 2018 - R 110.00
  • "Elizna Borcherds Donation" - Elizna Pieterse

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