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My name Tangai Tanyanyiwa (38) and l reside in Cape Town.

I have created this campaign for my friend, Luke Moyo, who I met at Fabric Factory in 2012, where l was the Operations Manager in-charge of outsourcing security services, and Luke was the Head of Security and after working closely with him l discovered a great talent in him thorough his work attributes and l encouraged him to endeavor to be an entrepreneur.

He resigned 3 months later and relocated to Eastern Cape and since then , that was the last time l saw him. On 6 June 2019, l got a shock of my life when l saw him coming to my farm which l recently bought in an area which even my close family is not yet aware of. He showed such great gratitude meeting me after 7 years of communication breakdown. Without wasting time, he said to me and l quote, “Sir l am glad that l finally meet you,and l am here for only three reasons ‘

1. “To thank you for identifying a talent in me which l never knew l had, today l am proud start up entrepreneur

2. “To give you a gift from the bottom of heart, this book by Robert Kiyosaki, RICH DAD, POOR DAD.

3. “To share my Vision with you.

I was so and still touched by such gratitude, this gentleman exhibited traits of a cheer good giver and thankfulness.

After sharing his vision with me he later highlighted that he intends to meet one of the World's best Serial Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker Daniel Ally for a Business Mentorship Program at a cost of 10,000USD within 2 months from now if only his funds permit.

After he left l learnt that as startup entrepreneur the proceeds coming from his business are just catering for his basic necessities and he might need at least 24 months to raise the funds on his own , so l decided to raise funds for him through this campaign to fulfill his dream so that he can continue to be a blessing to other people.

I am appealing to the whole world to come to join me supporting this young, ambitious and promising generational changer.

My need for funding is to ensure we can help him meet this Great Business leader were he is going to learn what, SCHOOL, CHURCH and COLLEGE could not teach him to become successful.

He has proven to me beyond any reasonable doubt that he can be trusted with more, with the gratitude he showed by coming back to thank me and present a gift after 7 years not for giving him anything but just a word.

If we grant him this opportunity, he will definitely make a difference in our society and the world at large.
The donations will be deposited directly in my personal account and will be utilized for the intended mission .

Funds raised will be used to pay for Luke's Mentorship program with Daniel Ally in Washington DC.


  • Jun 20, 2019 - R 51.41
  • "Thank you and l am sorry are very simply words but due to pride are often difficult to say . May you really be blessed ." - Champ

  • Jun 18, 2019 - R 102.82
  • "Wish you the best !" - Anonymous

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Funds raised by this campaign will be used to pay Luke Moyo's Mentorship program with Daniel Ally in Washington DC.