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Medical expenses

Medical expenses

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R 52 000

Personal message

Dear Supporters,

Meet a brave soul, a 23-year-old young woman battling chronic constipation for years. Every day, she fights against pain and discomfort, yet her spirit remains unbroken. Despite her tenacity, unemployment and financial strain have cast a shadow over her hopes. Her dream? A surgery that could change her life.

The mounting cost of her monthly medications has left her with an impossible choice - afford basic necessities or invest in her health. It's a heartbreaking dilemma that no one should face, especially at such a young age.

But here's where you come in.

We are launching this crowdfunding campaign to rally around her, to lift the burden of financial worry and pave the way for the life-changing surgery she desperately needs. Your support can be the beacon of hope she's been waiting for.

Imagine the impact your contribution could make - not just on her physical well-being but on her entire future. Every dollar you donate will be a step closer to her smiling again, free from pain and with a world of opportunities ahead.

This courageous young woman isn't just a statistic; she's a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Every job application she sends out is a testament to her determination. We urge you, the community, to stand with her.

If you're wondering how you can help, it's simple. Share this campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues. Every share spreads the word a little further, bringing us one step closer to the goal. If you're able to donate, your generosity will directly impact a life.

Let’s not let financial constraints dictate her fate. Let’s come together as a community, and make sure she gets the surgery she urgently needs. If you wish to meet her, to see the resilience in her eyes, please reach out to us. Your compassion and support can make a world of difference.

Thank you for being the ray of hope she needs. Together, we can transform her story from one of struggle to triumph.

With heartfelt gratitude,


Fundraising target

R 52 000.00

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