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South Africa Master O50 Hockey World Cup

South Africa Master O50 Hockey World Cup

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R 75 000

Personal message

I have been selected as the manager for the upcoming AMI Series and will likely be part of the group that travels to the World Cup next year. 
The Masters Hockey World Cup is an international tournament 
scheduled every second year and attended by more than 100 
teams and 2000 players where the caliber of players and matches 
are of the highest standard, with many teams fielding former 
international players with 100 to 120 caps. This year the age 
groups will be split between Cape Town and Auckland. 
Auckland will host the following age groups:


  • W O45, O50, O55 & O60 - National Masters
  • M O45, O50, O55 & O60 - National Masters

    As hockey is predominantly self-funded in South Africa, players are unfortunately left to make their own way and fund these tournaments themselves. 

    Whilst we are reaching out to companies and trying to get as much sponsorship and funding as possible, we would like to appeal to individuals who are willing to assist us. Every little bit helps us to get a team there and compete to the best of our ability. We seek funding in the lead-up to the AMI (African Masters Invitational) Series, which will allow players to get together and begin building in a team environment.

    Making use of the official event pages – Masters Hockey World Cup, World Masters Hockey, SA Masters 
    Hockey, sponsorship and individual social media channels to promote and share updates throughout the 

    All funding collected from this will be used towards the South African O50 team.

Should companies or anyone be willing to cover larger sums that can be used towards the tournament and sponsoring travel, kit and getting coverage, they are more than welcome to reach out to me and I will gladly pass on all information. 


Fundraising target

R 75 000.00

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South Africa Master O50 Hockey World Cup Campaign