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KIF Project Africa

KIF Project Africa

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R 60 000

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Today is the Start of the Kindness is free movement, life has not always been easy for most of us but there are people out there that, have a lot less , I personally myself have gone through something , although people can be mean , you get hurt along the way you have nothing more to give , you have to look deep down inside yourself and find a little kindness and give it to the first person you see , as it costs nothing just to smile , let a lady sit on your chair in the bus , help out at an animal sanctuary play soccer with kids with no homes, its just spreading the kindness around , maybe this world we live in would not be such a bad place , even when you get hurt from that family member , the best friend , Your Boss , your kids , no matter what you are dealing with right now , be the change and just show them kindness.
these wise words kindness is free may have came long before her But i Give thanks to My Gran (Evelyn Wesson) for showing me ho to be kind no matter what so , today the KIF projects is born , we would like to travel to Mozambique/Zambia/Kenya and Ethiopia , to show kindness , from animal sanctuaries to Orphanages to show kindness and help those in need , we ask you to help us on this journey across Africa being KIF to those around us , building sustainable gardens, to revamping Schools and Orphanages , feeding those i need , seeing what the actual need is we will spend 1 month in each country making places sustainable so they can survive after we have left , to keep updated we will start a Facebook page and A YouTube channel and other socials so that you can follow and be apart of this amazing KIF Journey.


Fundraising target

R 60 000.00

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KIF Project Africa Campaign