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Get on the bus with US!

Funds Raised:
R 6 622
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R 627 000

Personal message

Britney from Garlandale,  a Youth Skills Development learner says,  “  I am so happy to be at Amy Foundation because without the Foundation I would be sitting at home, I would not know about this amazing opportunity,  where I can attend free classes, rise about my circumstances, and become a successful woman. Thank you, Amy Foundation! “

One of the biggest challenges we are faced with besides meals and facilitation costs is a transportation and getting our youth to their programmes daily – on average we transport up to 900 learners per month. We are in dire need of an extra bus;   it is not something the Foundation cannot afford outright, especially with the downturn of the economy and funding cuts. Thankfully, we were able to raise an amazing R400 000 in our previous campaign and are now appealing to 2508 supporters to donate R250 each - which will get a NEW bus on the road and the youth in our programmes.

Amy Foundation is a South African NPO (026-922) working to educate, develop and empower youngsters from challenged and vulnerable communities, keeping them away from negative influences and turning them into emotionally well-rounded contributing global citizens who make positive life choices. We carry out After School, Vocational Skills and Youth Skills Development including entrepreneurial programmes using the one-stop-shop approach.

Participants can enter programmes from primary and secondary schools and continue even after leaving school until they become economically active. The various projects support over 1000 youth in our four after-school centres based in the underprivileged communities of Cape Town, namely Gugulethu, Philippi and Bonteheuwel, and a centre for youth skills development and training in Sybrand Park, with an annual intake of 600 youth. Youth attend from all the various townships in Cape Town like Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Langa, Bishop Lavis, Gugulethu and surrounds.

Black youth in the townships face enormous challenges such as unemployment,  extremely high crime rates, drug use, single-parent families, child-headed households, teen pregnancy,  gangsterism and pandemic diseases such as HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis. Inadequate education also contributes to these issues. These in turn impact attempts to rise out of poverty; making it more difficult for low-income families to lift themselves and future generations out of poverty, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

The programmes that the Foundation runs help to intervene and offer them an alternative and help them believe that they can go on to do greater, bigger and better things with their lives. The need for Amy Foundation Programmes is therefore essential to give these youth a chance to succeed in life.

Sinalo was born and raised in Gugulethu and joined the Amy Foundation’s after-school programme this year. She is part of the life skills programme, where students learn about peer pressure in drugs, sex, alcohol, and gangs, as well as general literacy and numeracy skills. Naturally good at reading and maths, Sinalo loves to study and learn and aspires to be a doctor.  She is fifteen years old and lives with her older and younger sister, as her parents passed away, her father from a car accident when she was very young and her mother only a few years ago from sickness. Many children in underprivileged communities grow up with one or no parents and face a lifetime of lasting trauma surrounding the lack of parental figures. But Sinalo is focused on her career, determined to be a doctor. “I want to be a doctor. I will study hard, I will do whatever I need to do.” She has good marks in school and is working towards university. Loyal to her community, Sinalo plans to stay in Gugulethu, loving the place she grew up in despite the violence and poverty.

Please donate and invest in the future of South Africa.   Your support will help change lives.

Join us and get on the bus with us – help us change more lives like Sinalo and Britney.

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The Amy Foundation is a non-profit organization daily educating, developing, and empowering 5-35-year-old youths living in the challenged and vulnerable communities within the Western Cape

Giving children hope and a brighter future, whilst helping to reduce HIV Aids, drug abuse, gangs, violence, and poverty. Students are offered healthy alternatives to all the negative influences while working to create emotionally well-rounded future leaders, entrepreneurs, and well-rounded citizens.