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Get Me Flying Again

Get Me Flying Again

Personal message

We are aiming to raise funds in order to help to complete my CPL after the financial impact of the Knysna Fire.  During the Knysna fire the house was completely burnt out and there was no insurance on the house and it was a rental as well.    Since I was little I had one career in mind and only one and that was to become a Pilot. We all know the cost of completing such a license is huge. So I started saving up as much as I can. After about 4years of saving I finally had enough money to continue, then this incident changed my whole life.    I had to use all my savings for my future career to rebuild our lives and build a new future   The money raised will go towards completing my PPL and to start my CPL as well. I have managed to start flying again but only completed 3hours in the last 15months.     I have what it takes to become the best, and see this through and do something with my life. Through this campaign I will also be giving back to those who also needs that push just to up and going.



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Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Chantells Campaign

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We are aiming to raise funds in order to help with the financial impact of the fire.To get them back on their feet and make life a little easier