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Getting Addi to Israel

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Thank You! 

The time has come to close our Fundraising portals. We look foward to sending Addi off to Israel to realise her dream - not only to be in the Holy Land with her beloved David but to find out about the top notch research being done to assist Cancer patients both scientifically and holistically. If you have donated, we thank you for your support and, if you still wish to donate, we would greatly appreciate if you could do so before close of business on Wednesday, 6 March 2018. 

Let us make this trip as remarkable as this Warrior. 

If you do not know Addi, like million of others was diagnosed with late stage cancer. Since her diagnosis Addi has been at the forefront of increasing awareness of alternative cancer treatments, has opened her own Foundation for fellow Warriors and is continually completing research to make life for cancer patients easier. Her biggest project is advocacy and she is educating HR managers across the country about Cancer in the Workplace and returning the rights of those who have the dreaded disease. 

Below is her story:

Addi, like millions of others was diagnosed with late stage cancer.

 "After being diagnosed with late stage cancer, I am trying to hold onto my faith and find my peace with my life, and with my death. The one thing that I yearn for most, is to be able to visit Israel with my beloved Davidka. Just once, for us to be in his home country together.


For me to understand more about his childhood living in the Holy Land, to meet what is left of his family who are still in Israel. David is 71 and has been living  in South Africa for many years, so yearns visit his hometown Haifa, of which he has not been back since the mid 90s, and I at 52 have never had the honour to visit Israel. David fought in both the wars and was a Navy Seal in the IDF, as a young man who fought for the freedom of the Israeli nation. We both believe in “pay it forward” and to help our fellow man, and pray that now this wish to gain sponsorship for a visit to Israel,  will materialize.


The last 3 years of my cancer diagnosis have played an enormous role in us both wanting to visit Israel and it is first on my bucklet list to be able to stand alongside David at the Western Wall and pray together.  

The financial drain on our lives, for me to have had chemotherapy and surgery (I did not have insurance or adequate medical cover) which in the end did not work, for me has taken its toll on our lives and there is no way of us raising money ourselves for this once in a lifetime trip. We are trying to pick up the pieces of having lost our very small business due to incapacitation.


While we are in Israel, we would like to visit the Technion, where David studied, and see what technology can be brought to South Africa, of which there is such a great need for water and solar technology. We would like to visit cancer institutes to see latest findings (of which are currently in the news) about Israeli inventions. We would like to meet and talk to cancer survivors and exchange information on alternative holistic methods of treatment and healing. We would like to host a 2nd screening of the documentary that took us 12 months to research and film, about cancer, and the choices available for cancer treatments.


The last 1095 days have been about helping others through their cancer journey, through having created a roadmap, as the founders of the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign. We have also addressed the SA Government, for the need for a cancer policy to be put into the SA workforce (none currently exists). We have hosted 30 events to raise awareness of the need for more education when fighting cancer.


I feel that I have earned a moment to reflect, and look at my own bucket list. I pray with my whole heart, that we will visit Israel within the next 3 months, while I am still able".


Thank you for reading this, and for more information please see links below, google my name, and on youtube as Addi Lang/ForeverChangedCampaign/DanceOfTheButterfly/CancerInTheWorkPlaceSA or see




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  • "Thank you for all that you are doing for others on your life's journey." - Diana Canant

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  • "Hopefully your wish is fulfilled." - Stiller Family Vancouver

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  • "Addi, I am sure I danced with you many moons ago at Hilary. Always remember your extraordinary grace. " - Kim O'Hagan

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Addi, like millions of others was diagnosed with late stage cancer. She is currently putting together her bucket list, and only has one wish. To go to Israel with her life partner David, to celebrate her 53rd birthday in March 2018.