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Give the gift of sight

Give the gift of sight

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In aid of World Sight Day and Eye Care Awareness Month, Peek A Vu Vision Screening has partnered with The Bright Eyes Trust and McCords Provincial Eye Hospital to go into Clareville Primary School in Durban and conduct Visual Screening for their students.

The technology on offer by Peek A Vu is a European Gold Standard, Peek A Vu makes use of the plusoptiX S12C  device that can screen a child’s eyes in mere seconds testing for underlying refractive conditions that if left undetected and untreated will lead to social and scholastic issues or even blindness.

We are requesting your support in the form of sponsorship/funding so that Peek A Vu may screen as many of the students as possible. For those children who are identified with a refractive condition, treatment in the form of optometric care and the manufacture and fitment of spectacles has already been secured through an NGO and will be carried out by McCords Provincial Eye Hospital.

Help us to give the gift of sight, their vision is in your hands.


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Fundraising target

R 12 000.00

The Bright Eyes Trust

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Bright Eyes is an early intervention and care center specializing in the foundation phase education of visually impaired children, some of whom are multi-disabled.  Bright Eyes Centre for Visually Impaired Children was established in 2009 in response to a need to provide critical early intervention services to blind and partially sighted pre-school children and support to their families. 

Most people process information visually. For those with visual impairments, a different approach is required. Our teaching approach, therefore, entails bringing the ‘world’ to the blind child and engaging in more regular one-on-one interaction to expand the child’s knowledge, perceptions and life experiences.

Bright Eyes runs a full pre-school program and aftercare service.  We work to ensure that our children are given an equal opportunity to a quality foundation education and that they are well prepared for formal schooling.

We are driven by our passion to make a difference in the lives of visually impaired children by striving to provide the best levels of care, intervention, and educational strategies adapted and suited to their unique needs.