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#GoldiesDignityLoveProject is a Melody Shevlane initiative supported by Molo Songololo. It is an awareness and donation drive through creative expressions; and aim to raise funds for Molo Songololo to provide girls in difficult circumstances an opportunity to enjoy PERIOD DIGNITY during their menstrual cycle.


Your donations of sanitary pads, or a cash donation of R250 for a DIGNITY GIFT BAG get you a ticket to experience a showcase of creative expressions by various artists on 21 September 2012 via Facebook and other social media platforms. You are welcome to donate more.


Molo Songololo is a registered child protection organisation that provide essential social support services to child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, those at risk and their families.


Many teenage girls and young women struggle to maintain good hygiene during their period due to poverty and lack of access to sanitary pads and products. Your donations will help many enjoy HUMAN DIGNITY during their menstruation.


A DIGNITY GIFT BAD contains a 3-month supply of sanitary pads, toiletries and personal hygiene products for girls and young women. The bags are distributed to girls and young women in Atlantis, Witsands, Delft, Blikkiedorp, Beaufort West and KwaMandlenkosi


Check out Molo Songololo Facebook Events Page and Melody Shevlane’s Facebook page. Follow and use the hastag #GoldiesDignityLoveProject. Like, share and comment, or post content to support this project and awareness on women’s menstruation and period dignity.


  • Sep 15, 2021 - R 250.00
  • "

    Please support this wonderful initiative by Melody (Goldie) Shevlane and the creatives who will bring you a fantastic show on 21 Sept

    " - Patric Solomons

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R 250.01

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R 25 000.00

Molo Songololo

Molo Songololo Logo

Molo Songololo is a registered and designated  child protection organisation that aim to promote the rights, care, development, participation, and protection of children through;

1. Child Protection & Victim empowerment  - we provide essential services to child victims or sexual abuse and exploitation and those at risk and their families

2. Child & Youth Empowerment - inform and educate young people about their rights and responsibilities and support their participation in public decision-making

3. Capacity Building - empower government and NGO service provides to improve child care and protection

4. Awareness and Advocacy to promote child rights accountability, monitoring, and protection.