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Personal message

I am fundraising for Gordon Cooke to walk again please. He was shot on a farm in Witbank 2010 burglary at home, defending his girlfriend and little girl at that time.

I would like to raise the funds next month if possible, surgery will take place and funds are needed. One Consultation with Doctors is R 25 000. The surgery for stem cell is still needed to be confirmed for the final amount.  The X-rays and reports have been sent to the doctor to assess whether Gordon is a suitable candidate for stem cell therapy.  If Gordon is not a suitable candidate,  there is also a doctor in the U.S that can help, if not funds will be for him for a nurse/therapy/new wheelchair and equipment to make his life easier.  

Funds raised will be used to cover the doctors' costs, surgery and stem cell procedures.

Recon & Application of Funds.
1. R30 000 the harvest of fat tissue and bone marrow for stem cell isolation.
2. Follow-up Treatments R17500 x 8 = R140 000. (It can be less).

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to the relevant practitioner/organisation.*


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 170 000.00

Gordon Cooke Stem Cell Cause

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I am fundraising for Gordon Cooke.  This man has been sitting in his bed for 9 years, nowhere to go, no view for the future, no funds to have the operation to walk again. The mere fact that a person longs to walk for stem cell surgery should let anyone realize what a privilege it is to walk.