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Echoes of the Deep

Echoes of the Deep

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Dive into the heart of Cape Town with "Echoes of the Deep," where mystery meets heritage. Our film is about Juniper, a college student whose life changes when she starts having visions. These aren't just any visions—they're a call from the past, a link to her ancestors, and a puzzle she's determined to solve. It's a story about uncovering truths and connecting with our roots.
We are a team of dedicated college students from SAE Institute, Cape Town, and our film will be directed by Racal Naicker. We're driven by a passion for storytelling and a commitment to craft a film that's both authentic and engaging. Our goal is to create a cinematic experience that's rich in suspense and deep in cultural significance.
Your support is crucial. It's not just about funding a film; it's about bringing a powerful story to life—a story that honours our shared history and celebrates the spirit of South Africa. Your contribution will help us capture the essence of this tale, from the haunting music that will underscore our scenes to the vivid imagery that will bring our vision to the screen.
We invite you to be part of this creative journey. With your backing, "Echoes of the Deep" will go beyond being just a movie—it will be a conversation starter, an eye-opener, and a bridge to understanding the layers of our heritage. Let's make this film a reality, together.


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