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GreatBase Tennis SA

Personal message

My Message: a step to help individuals first and tennis second

I am a professional tennis coach based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South
Africa. My wife, Christelle, and I direct a tennis school under the
guidance of the GreatBase Tennis (GBT) curriculum. We have over fifty

We greatly appreciate your taking time to learn more about our mission.

Steve Smith, the founder of GreatBase Tennis, has traveled to work
with our players in South Africa on more than one occasion, and our
groups have traveled to the US to work with him. We are now setting up
a home-school division within our tennis school. Home-schooled
students will be able to travel to work with Steve at his base in
Orlando, Florida for three-month blocks each year. Regular-schoolers
would be able to travel during their school holidays.

South Africans working with Steve have had success in the past. Jeff
Coetzee and John Laffnie De Jager, both of whom played and coached at
a world-class level, trained with Steve during their formative
years. Raven Klaasen and Craig Tiley were two long-term students of
Steve’s. Raven is an Australian Open and Wimbledon finalist, and Craig
is the CEO of Tennis Australia.

People around the world need to know the history, depth, and
educational merit of the program Steve has assembled. GBT is a system
of comprehensive teaching and training based on the work of
accomplished masters and proven methodologies. It is a wealth of
information, ideas, and insights. It is also a way to preserve and
promote the treasure of tennis teachers who have gone before of us,
with a special emphasis on the contributions of the late Vic Braden.

We need to raise money. We have families in need of funds for tennis,
and we face a currency exchange rate of approximately 15:1.

We must have students win on the court and off. We are off to an
excellent start. Continued success will take time. Your help will
allow us to keep working toward it. I am confident that tennis
professionals and tennis organizations throughout South Africa will
eventually recognize our work and the GBT curriculum for their
contributions to the betterment of tennis.

We would provide a record of all funds raised and how the funds are
spent to all of those kind enough to donate. Our website will document
the results of our work and the progress of the players we’ve helped.
My wife and I will manage the account.

We are excited about helping people; the new tennis stories we can
create with your help will be fun and rewarding.

Attached for your review is a video presentation.

For further information, please contact me at your earliest
convenience. On behalf of our students, thank you for your time and


Petrus Koekemoer
GreatBase Tennis South Africa


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 300 000.00

GreatBase Tennis SA Cause

GreatBase Tennis SA Cause Logo

We are in need to offer kids with a higher goal/dream level the opportunity to train and compete locally and internationally. College Tennis is the goal and Pro tennis is the Dream. Challenges are funds to travel, train, accommodation. We would love to see young tennis players develop into champions of life, tennis offers the opportunity.