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Green Concrete Pavers for Schools

Green Concrete Pavers for Schools

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Fundraising Target:
R 30 000

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The Green Corridors KwaMashu Beneficiation Centre has developed a range of pavers explicitly made for schools from waste that has been broken down and blended with cement to make Green Concrete products.

We are raising funds to install 200 Green Concrete Pavers at the Shayamoya Primary School in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal, providing safer, more ergonomic walkways for the learners and, in addition. 

Stimulating discussion and creating awareness about the irresponsible damage management of waste causes to our environment.

Green Concrete Pavers' impact & benefits:

  • Green Concrete Pavers have brightly coloured plastic on the top surface, so they stand out as a feature in schools. This, in turn, raises awareness of the potential value of what is perceived to be waste and also the need to manage waste responsibly.
  • More pavers created means more diversion of challenging materials from landfills.
  • All waste material in our green concrete products is fully integrated into our products to make sure it doesn't leach out and damage the environment.
  • Pavers are made with 87% waste (by volume) with a tough (recycled glass) top surface to ensure a long lifespan.
  • Each paver production line (comprising four previously unskilled staff) can make 50-60 pavers daily.
  • We intend to set up multiple facilities around eThekwini to prove the business model and then replicate it in other cities.

The funds will go towards producing 200 Green Concrete Pavers for the Shayamoya Primary School.

Any additional funds received will allow the production of additional pavers for other schools to benefit.


Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

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Green Corridors NPC

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Green Corridors is a social-purpose and impact-focused organization that aims to see communities thrive in balance with the habitats around them. 

Our work focuses on three core areas,

  • Eco-tourism, creating employment opportunities from natural, open spaces. Giving tourists visiting Durban a chance to experience an entirely different side of our city and directly contribute to our work
  • Youth development, ensuring these open spaces play a valuable local role. These projects range from using nature as a tool for early childhood development, occupational therapy and a world class MTB academy
  • Environmental management which focuses on ensuring healthy ecosystems for tourism and youth development to take place. Our core areas of work here focus on waste beneficiation and management of open spaces.