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GRIPKidz Anti-Bully Programme

GRIPKidz Anti-Bully Programme

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GRIPKids renders services to primary school kids - the target/victim, the bystanders and the Bully.  The aim is to heal the hurt of the past and prepare them for the future in case such circumstances arise.  This is done via either 1. individual sessions (starting with an hour assessment and then feedback to the parents and then 3-5 sessions intensive individual work by a trained playtherapist),  2. workshops up to 20 kids (a lot of fun activities using stationary and video and music) and talks at schools, churches etc to kids or parents/teachers/counsellors.  After a talk at schools services continue with counsellors if children/teachers needs this.

Gripkidz receives requests for these services on a daily basis but does not have the funds to travel countrywide and schools and parents seem to not be able to pay for these services which are so needed to counter the bully pandemic!


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R 50 000.00

GRIPKidz Anti-Bully Programme

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GRIPKidz is an anti-bullying programme that is presented countrywide by trained counsellors since 2012.