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It’s a cold and wet Sunday morning in Khayelitsha, one of South Africa’s poorest townships. Tears are streaming down the face of 42-year-old Anga’s face as she hugs her 2 children tightly. The make-shift shelves in Anga’s one-bedroom home are bare. The little paraffin stove in the corner of the room hasn’t been used since Tuesday – the last time the family had a warm meal to eat.

Anga’s children are just two of approximately 2.5 million children in South Africa that go hungry every year.

As a single mother, Anga is at the helm of one of countless woman-headed households struggling to put food on the table. She lost her job as a domestic worker when lockdown was implemented in March. She now collects scrap metal and sells it at a nearby scrapyard in order to feed her family.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 20% of South African households had inadequate access to food

During lockdown, food insecurity in the country skyrocketed leaving as many as a third of South Africans without adequate food.  

Job losses have left many woman- and child-headed households such as Anga’s completely destitute or with very little income available to provide food in their families. Likewise, many husbands and fathers have found themselves unable to care for their families and provide this basic need. 

Now, while many individuals are fortunate enough to start planning their festive feasts, countless others are lying awake at night, worried about how they will make ends meet. Food scarcity is rapidly becoming a reality to more and more South Africans.

Children are going to bed hungry while their caretakers are shedding silent tears, praying that someone will hear their desperate pleas. These impoverished homes at not without love, but love alone cannot fill an empty stomach.

Focusing on this frantic plight of so many South Africans, #ImStaying, has created the Hampers4Hunger Campaign which will raise funds to alleviate hunger across the country. Honouring Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, funds raised by our campaign will be converted into digital food vouchers that can be redeemed at any local supermarket. 

As a rainbow nation, we have to stick together and support each other through these trying times. There is only one way through this, and that’s together. 

With our Hampers4Hunger campaign, we will do our best to help as many people as possible on a first-come, first-serve basis. We hope our loyal members and the public at large will join us in raising funds as we strive to overcome adversity and unite through good deeds.

Similar to the highly-successful #VouchforYou campaign that took place at the start of lockdown, #ImStaying’s Hampers4Hunger campaign will aim to put food on the table of destitute and impoverished families this festive season.

We once again call on all South Africans and those who care about our country to donate generously towards this humble cause. Together, we can be the reason someone goes to bed with a full stomach and happy heart this festive season!

If you would like to support our members with donations in kind, please complete this document.


#ImStaying is asking you to send us your Christmas wish. From all the applications, #ImStaying will select vetted projects to champion during the festive season and thereby giving you the opportunity to be Santa in the individual or organization's life.

Please complete the document by following this link, to 
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  • "I'm donating from my pension but I know it will help someone" - Wilma Smith

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#ImStaying is a Facebook group and a registered NPC (NOT FOR PROFIT COMPANY) dedicated to the South African women and men of all races, cultures, religions and creeds who remain loyal to South Africa. 

The group was created to honour all those who still believe that we as a nation can turn things around.

#ImStaying focuses on the people, beauty and positivity in South Africa and all the good vibes. 





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