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My name is Jennifer. I am raising funds for unemployed and homeless people. Retirement homes, soup kitchens and children's homes, school feeding projects, not getting any assistance. Take my hand please and let us feed the hungry people in Kwa-Zulu Natal together.

I am distributing food parcels to my community with the help of local #caregivers. I want to expand my hand with the aspiration to #KZN volunteers, soup kitchens/food banks run privately,  that is not getting any support to feed our people.

My aim is to assemble the food parcels and get it distributed directly to them. This will be done in accordance with the lockdown rules and regulations. Food vouchers will also be distributed via sms or WhatsApp. Donate a R20 please, it will make a difference and save someone from being hungry.

Our #senior citizens and our #children, don't all have the means to get to a shop or even get out of bed to go buy what is needed. Keep in mind that we need to take care of our animals as well because if people don't have food, what about their pets, that is a member of the family?

We are in this situation now but after the lockdown, we will still be picking up the pieces, let's heal each other. Be a godmother to our #children or a child to a #grandparent. I want to fill the shelves of soup kitchens, of a senior living alone worried about the next meal or a bar of soap.

I am working with CMD and community leaders, to identify where food is most needed.  Take my hand and let us form an unbreakable fellowship, inspire health and take care for the #givers.

Create steady food distribution to our seniors at retirement homes and soup kitchens, so they can #stayhomesafe and not go sleep hungry. Soup kitchens/food banks will have stock to make and provide a meal to the hungry mostly homeless, waiting at their gates. I am sure in supporting them, people will be saver, and not succumb to violence.

Part of my project #saveourchildren, I will be supporting food projects at schools with your donations. Many children go to school hungry and with helping the school with products and vouchers we can feed our children.

The beneficiaries will be
Môrester New Castle 
Môrester children home Ladysmith.
SAVF Jubileum Vryheid. 
Liefde in aksie - soup kitchen run by Elmarie Erasmus Booysen that is in Ladysmith.


Funds raised will be used to cover:
1. Funds will be allocated to Pick n pay Pongola, to buy food for the parcels to distribute locally.
2. Vouchers will be bought at Checkers and Pick n pay for soup kitchens, retirement homes, children homes and schools.

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to the suppliers.*


  • May 16, 2020 - R 250.00
  • "Good luck with this appeal, Jennifer. All the best." - Anonymous

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R 250.00

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R 50 000.00

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My name is Jennifer. I am raising funds for retirement homes, soup kitchens and children's homes not getting any assistance. I want to take hands with #caregivers to help feed the hungry people in Kwa-Zulu Natal.