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Personal message

My name is Hanlie. This fundraising is to help me get justice for my sister.
This is the story.

My sister
Once in your life you find a person with whom you could really connect and with whom you could talk. To share all the little things in life, good or bad, mine was my sister.
She was the strongest person and the person with the most compassion for animals that I have ever knew.
Her will was as strong as a thorn tree and her her self worth was a thorn in many people's flesh but it gave her her own identity
She was her children's rock and strength and always right there for them no matter how hard her life was at that time. She helped if they needed help.. A fiery mother's heart with a will of iron ore and diamond unbreakable.
The sea was her escape and her own hidden world where she could be a child again and the sea sand and water brought her back the peace she had always longed for.
Hours after hours she could walk over the rocks looking for octopuses and small fish just for the beauty and magic of them
On February 23, 2023, she took her own life in her home alone, leaving us with so many questions.
What happened who knows anything about her last few days?
Please help me because I can't really understand she was just too strong and loved life to do that
Last week I got the shock of my life her estate was never reported by her husband.
She was in the process of divorce and that is going to make my life very difficult.
I need to go to Durban and start the process I have no Idea what is waiting for me or how this is going to affect my life I just know after whatever she went through in her last days I need to be there and finish this for her. It is going to be a very difficult very challenging fight but I need to do this for every single woman who ever took her life due to emotional psychical of financial abuse. 
Everything was taken from her her life her money her pride and her hope by one person who didn't love her and who moved on to another woman when she needed and  relied on him. Her way of dealing with her childhood was dogs and he made her give up all her puppies. 
I know he is going to fight me with everything he have I am asking for a little help to close the book of her life and help her to rest with dignity. 

Tomorrow I am starting my journey to become her executor of her estate and I am hoping you will undergo this journey with me until the end.  


Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

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