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Personal message

My name is Johan Liebenberg, 34 years old and I currently live in Vanrhynsdorp, Western Cape. My grandmother, Hannie Steenkamp (77), lives in NieuwoudtvilleNorthern Cape. Her house is in a terrible condition and we urgently need to get it repaired before it becomes worse and collapses. 

My mother, Wilma Liebenberg (57), also stays with my grandmother, along with my aunt, Elize, who is 50 years old and autistic. My gran had to raise my mom & aunt on her own since 1987 when my grandad passed away. Ever since then, my grandmother had to depend on a pension every month. My mother, on the other hand, was retrenched a few years ago, leaving her also only with a pension. Finding a job at this age is almost out of the question. 

We have tried to fix the roof a few times, but the problem just resides. We have to completely replace the roof. There are also large Eucalyptus trees that caused the foundation of the house to crack and this causes the roof to leak and the walls of the house to crack. We removed 4 of the trees, but 4 more trees need to be removed since this is the main source of the problem.

We have requested a quote from a local builder that can help us fix up the house for about R25 000 labour only. The building materials to repair the house will cost us about R70 000 – this includes everything from the roof plates, purlins, roof paint, ceiling boards, cement, sand, stone, tiles, grout, interior & exterior paint, paint primer and consumables. The removal of the trees will cost about R4000. In total, we will be able to fix the house and get it in tip-top shape for R100 000.

If the community can help us to raise funds so we can get this project started while it’s still summer, I will be forever grateful. Every small donation will count and will be appreciated.


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Hannie Steenkamp House Cause

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Johan Liebenberg would like to raise funds to repair the home of his grandmother, Hannie Steenkamp. Hannie lives in a house with her two daughters - Wilma and Elize. There are large eucalyptus trees around the house that are causing the roof to leak, and the foundation and walls to crack. Johan would like to fix the house up during summer so that it is ready by winter.