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Funds Raised:
R 3 775
Fundraising Target:
R 500 000

Personal message

I recently posted on a WhatsApp chat, that includes 35 participants, mostly old school friends, the plight of our friend Harry, who at this time, is in danger of losing his home due to not being able to work any longer. Harry has developed an auto immune disease, that has left his hands crippled, amongst other debilitations, and as a hairdresser, this is of course, devastating. His condition is called “morphea scleroderma” to understand the severity, please feel free to “Google” it. I don’t wish this on anyone.

A quick back story, I have known Harry since we were probably 4 yrs. old, Harry was probably the kid I spent most of my youth with, we were family, dysfunctional sometimes, but family none the less.

Harry was/is, always that guy who would give you the shirt off his back and was also a person you could trust your life with. I always remember this about him.

I could go on embellishing the story here, but the bottom line is, Harry needs our help.

My personal goal is to help keep Harry in his house, and his family intact, Harry’s condition has left his 8 yr old son bewildered, as he cannot process why his father can no longer do the most basic of things, like kick a ball and play with him etc. Harry has no immediate family that can help him, so I, as a lifelong friend, have taken it upon myself to try and figure out a way to do what I can. These HELP CAMPAIGNS are the only way I can think of to do my part, thank you for helping me make this happen.

My intention is to keep you all updated as to monies collected, and to provide an ongoing progress report regarding reaching our goal. The more we collect, the more peace of mind for Harry and his family.


Our immediate GOAL, is to collect R180,000 – approximately $10,000, (U.S Dollars,) this will pay off approx.  ½ of Harry’s Bond (mortgage payment) - Jewish family services will then step in I believe, and pay off the remaining R200,000 ( $11,000 U.S Dollars)

Besides the Bond, Harry will have other ongoing lifelong expenses that will need to be met such as food, maid and or nursing services, and other miscellaneous expenses, I’m sure.

In these busy and uncertain times, I understand, we are all doing our best to survive, give what you can, check in with Harry if you feel the inclination. Your support is appreciated.

As I’ve said before, this could be anyone of us, I have supported and contributed to many Campaigns in the past, mostly for complete strangers, this time, it’s one of my “boys.”

Thank you.

Sean Myers



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