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Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery

Personal message

I am Havana Ricketts, 20 years old from South Africa living in a small valley called Paarl. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anorexia, EDNOS, social anxiety disorder and gastritis.

The reason why my family and I decided to do fundraising is because we cannot cover all the expenses outstanding such as doctor's fee's, hospital bills and not having enough money for the needed foods, medications and psychiatric treatments. I have been in and out of hospital continuously for 8 years and have also been admitted to the hospital early this year in January where I had a near-death experience.

I will need all the funds to be raised by the 30th of September 2019.
R26 000 will be used to pay the hospital bills, outstanding doctor's fees and treatments.
R24 000 will be used for the needed foods for a healthier weight as well as for paying for the needed medications and other medical tests to be done in future.

If everyone could help even a little with funding us it will literally save my life because, after 8 years, I am finally on the road to recovery. Getting through this is going to help me stay more positive and motivated to fight for my life knowing that people care and are counting on me to make it through this tough time.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Havana Ricketts Medical Cause

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Help Havana raise funds, as she is in need of assistance on her road to recovery, after an 8-year-long battle with my conditions.