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Heather Howells Augrabies

Heather Howells Augrabies

Personal message

After a successful and very rewarding fundraising venture last year to coincide with my participation in the Comrades Marathon (, I have decided to take on a bigger challenge and tackle the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon from 17-23 October 2010.

The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is a self-sufficiency run held over six legs in seven days with set distances for each day totalling 250km/155miles.  Participants must carry all their supplies, clothes and survival equipment for the duration of the event. This adventure race is held in the Kalahari Desert in extreme conditions and is a true test of the participants physical and mental stamina and endurance.

I would like my run to be about more than personal accomplishment and to that end I am raising money for a very worthy organization called HOKISA - Homes For Kids in South Africa.

HOKISA, located on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, is a small NGO that provides residential, family-type care for children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and it's aim is to empower members of poor communities where HIV/AIDS is most devastating. HOKISA provides a safe, healthy environment for children entrusted to it's care as well as community outreach and support. All donations made to HOKISA go directly to the HOKISA Home for the care-giving and education of the children and running of the Home. Administrative overheads are kept to a minimum and are mostly absorbed by the volunteer board members.

This cause is espescially meaningful to me as I spent the first 32 years of my life in South Africa. My wish is to give back by helping those who are in a more disadvantaged position. Please help me in reaching or exceeding my fundraising goal by clicking on the 'donate now' icon. The donations will be made in the currency of the South African Rand (ZAR) and all contributions from the smallest to the largest will be greatly appreciated. At the current exchange rate R100.00 is approximately equivalent to $13.50. Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. When donating please feel free to comment alongside your contribution.

To find out more about HOKISA click on :

Information about the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon can be found on :

If you'd like to follow my training preparation on my blog go to :


I would be most grateful if you communicated details of my fundraising effort by forwarding a link to this site to everyone you think may be interested. Together we can make a difference to the lives of many children.


Name Comment Date Amount
Julie Takishima I am so grateful for your friendship! Jan 26, 2011 R 150.00
Robin, Denny, Shushie With love Nov 24, 2010 R 300.00
Yonnie For the kids. Nov 11, 2010 R 100.00
Ian Robert Yates Wonderful Nov 06, 2010 R 1 000.00
Kay and Julian Day Our Dearest friend, we are so proud of you, a true WONDER WOMAN!!! Oct 27, 2010 R 1 000.00
Shara Fisher You are a inspiration to us all. Good luck to you on this exhilirating adventure and someday I hope our paths cross again. Oct 19, 2010 R 200.00
Gerald Buisman Well done. Run to Graaff-Reinet next time and take a recovery break with us. Gerald. Oct 19, 2010 R 500.00
stephen Large staggering achievament already! Keep going. Best wishes Stephen Oct 19, 2010 R 200.00
Vanessa You are amazing! Oct 19, 2010 R 200.00
Jo and Hugh Tomlinson Go for it Heather! We look forward to hearing about it from Kirstie! Love Jo and Hugh Oct 18, 2010 R 200.00
Ead Tiller Good luck Heather, go for it girl! Oct 17, 2010 R 100.00
Veronica Good Luck! Thoughts are with you all the way, think you're very brave. Love Mom xx Oct 16, 2010 R 1 000.00
Stephen Cronje' Good luck, good health & good memories. Oct 16, 2010 R 2 000.00
Regina Good Luck Oct 15, 2010 R 200.00
Jonty Go Heather! You can do it! Oct 14, 2010 R 200.00
regina Good Luck Oct 13, 2010 R 40.00
KS's friend Mellissa Best of luck and positive energy! Oct 12, 2010 R 100.00
Richelle Aus Heather I know you'll do great you always do. Have a safe trip and most of all have fun!! Oct 12, 2010 R 400.00
Lloyd Ross Heather, you're a better man than me. xx Oct 11, 2010 R 1 000.00
melina Good luck and have fun, dear Heather. Thank you for the inspiration- and please give those kids an extra big hug for me.-I hope to make it there one day to help more. much aloha and enjoy it all ! x x Oct 09, 2010 R 200.00
Neil and Valeria You Rock!!! Oct 09, 2010 R 2 000.00
Team Hannah Heather, you are a true friend and perfect role model on so many levels. Good luck in this adventure. Your strength & dedication will carry you! Love, Kristy, Jeff, Jordyn, & Drake Oct 08, 2010 R 2 000.00
L. Dalton She runs so others can follow! Have an incredible time. You have my utmost respect. xo Oct 06, 2010 R 200.00
Maureen I am honored to support you and wish you HUGE success!! Sep 30, 2010 R 100.00
Margot Hope you enjoy the stars at night! What an adventure. Thank you for doing this meaningful trek. Sep 28, 2010 R 200.00
Peggy, Diane and anonymous Good Luck and have fun Sep 27, 2010 R 350.00
Katie Lang Good luck Heather! We will be thinking about you! Sep 26, 2010 R 1 000.00
Faith,Regan and Suzie thank you for sacrificing so much to help women and children Sep 24, 2010 R 2 000.00
Annie Bostwick Good luck Heather !!! You make your staff so proud of you ! Thinking of you the whole time ! Sep 16, 2010 R 200.00
Joni Go Heather go! You just have to run alot.... Sep 06, 2010 R 285.00
Sundby Family You will do awesome!! Sep 06, 2010 R 500.00
Mel Adler Good Luck Heather! Will be thinking of you. xxx Sep 05, 2010 R 200.00
Maria Bruton Good Luck with the race and the fundraising! Sep 04, 2010 R 100.00
ian ainslie draw strength from your compassion. love your old freind, ian Sep 04, 2010 R 1 000.00
Renee and Robin Good luck.Caroline a friend of us is in the Medical team !!! and will take care of you. Sep 01, 2010 R 100.00
Rach, Zoe and Derrick With aloha Aug 26, 2010 R 110.00
Andy Grandinetti Good luck on your wonderful and extraordinary adventure! Aug 18, 2010 R 500.00
Geoffrey Red Give Em Heather!!! Runnin down Babylon!!! Aug 17, 2010 R 200.00
Catherine, Rob and Hannah Safe travels! Jul 30, 2010 R 2 000.00
Amy Lawson You really are an amazing woman, Heather! Jul 18, 2010 R 750.00
Tom Craven Have fun running! Someday I will get to Africa. Jul 01, 2010 R 200.00
Cat Brown Gayle Heather, your are such an amazing and wonderful person! An inspiration to us all when you do these amazing races. We are happy to support you! Love, Cat, Robert and Ethan Jun 20, 2010 R 1 000.00
Mike Muench Make each step better than the last. The distance and time will simply evolve. Jun 10, 2010 R 400.00
monica go Flight GO!!! xxx Jun 07, 2010 R 1 000.00
monica croce Flight, I really apreciate what you're doing and I'm virtually running by your side... love you girl xxx Jun 04, 2010 R 200.00
Pat and Molly you go girl Jun 04, 2010 R 1 000.00
Emilie Stickley heather - you are someone who can truly change the world! thank you for your dedication and committment to this cause. you are a beautiful person, an amazing nurse, and an inspiration to many. Jun 04, 2010 R 1 000.00
Chrystal Jameson Good on you Heather!!! You are Amazing!! Love and Aloha Jun 03, 2010 R 100.00
The Andersons Good Luck Heather! We are so proud of you and your compassionate heart! Just remember, your worst day of the race will always be better than a day in L&D triage with David! :o) May 27, 2010 R 1 500.00
Ilze le Roux Hi Heather - this is also a birthday gift to you, since you are so far. Wish I could give more. May 20, 2010 R 200.00
Sarah Becker congratulations May 20, 2010 R 1 000.00
Lisa Bowers Heather you're such an inspiration!! May 18, 2010 R 1 000.00
banana boy you rock! May 12, 2010 R 1 400.00
Kirstie & Len We wish the children of HOKISA great benefit from your extraordinary efforts & our small contributions - may the wings of angels help you fly across the desert sands. Much Love xx May 08, 2010 R 1 000.00
Heather & Phil You are an inspiration to us all!!! May 06, 2010 R 500.00
Alison Levy "They who have stepped outside their door have the hardest part of the journey behind them" You inspire me with every step. May 05, 2010 R 500.00
Penny & Colin You make the world a better place for so many people! Thank you! May 05, 2010 R 1 000.00
Vickie Bixler You go, girl! May 02, 2010 R 1 000.00
Saioa Torrealday So proud of all your accomplishments! You are an inspiration! Apr 28, 2010 R 1 000.00
Stevie Caprivi Every step you take makes this world a better place, you go Girl Wonder! Apr 27, 2010 R 1 000.00
Sian Howells Mom, you are one of the greatest women alive! I think you are extremely awesome in every way and you have touched so many hearts.... You inspire so many people! I love you so muchhhhh!!!! Apr 27, 2010 R 400.00
Sabine Your are so totally awesome... Apr 13, 2010 R 1 000.00
Andrew, Kathryn, Lewis & Declan All the best - try to take it easy!!! Much love from us. Apr 13, 2010 R 1 400.00
Scott Kruis To an incredible adventure ahead. To helping others. Namaste Apr 11, 2010 R 500.00
Jonathan Handley When you get up to run this race each morning, please remember to totter off in the right direction. Apr 03, 2010 R 100.00
Philip Johnson/Joanne Amberg Go Heather! How about a training run to Kailua some time?! Apr 01, 2010 R 200.00
TAMMY ARAKAKI YOU GO GIRL!!! Apr 01, 2010 R 200.00
Steve Villiger Go get 'em Heather! I know you can do it! Enjoy the experience! Mar 31, 2010 R 500.00
Mandy and James "Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."Louisa May Alcott Mar 31, 2010 R 1 000.00
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R 44 185.00

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HOKISA is a donor-funded residential home for children affected by HIV/AIDS. It is not an orphanage but a small facility in a township where 20 children receive family-type care. They go to school, have friends, have fun and live a normal life.

Your generous contributions are requested for this most deserving cause.