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Chanell Erasmus with Metabolic Disorder

Chanell Erasmus with Metabolic Disorder

Personal message

Chanel was a healthy baby at birth until 4 and half months when she got sick and couldn’t keep anything in. We took her to a doctor who then referred us to a paediatrician.

She was admitted to hospital and immediately started tests. Chanell also wouldn’t eat or drink anything and the Dr decided to insert a nasogastric tube. She also did not grow, she was transferred to Tyger Valley Hospital. After tests came back, Chanell was diagnosed with Gastro-oesophageal reflux, Global psychomotor retardation, failure to thrive and a metabolic disorder.  We were told that there are no treatment for it and that that she would not reach the age of 2 years. This was a heavy blow for us as a family.

Chanell was in and out of hospital plenty of times where we almost lost her and were lucky that she fought through it.

Today Chanell is 16 years old and we are so blessed to still have her with us, although she can not speak, walk or feed herself. Chanell is a very loveable child and can only say a few words like "Mommy" and "Daddy". She always smile and likes to play with a 2lt empty cooldrink bottle and her doll.

We as a family are struggling with cost for her upkeep with regarding nappies, medication, the special food that Chanell needs, and her normal fruit that we need to process in order to get it through her feeding tube. She also needs a special wheelchair and an at home carer to ease the strain on the family.


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Chanell Medical Costs Cause

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My name is Danelle Aucamp, I am 23 and live in Gauteng, I am creating a fundraiser for my step sister Chanell who has a metabolic disorder and is unable to talk, eat or help herself in anyway. Chanell is 16 years old and a very lovable child.