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Help Citizen Raise Funds For Tuition Fees At The New York Film Academy

Personal message

My name is Citizen Mbatha and I am 25 years old. I was born and bred in a small rural area called Stanela Area which is a few miles away from a small town called Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I am a partially-sighted actor born with a rare eye condition called optokinetic nystagmous.

In 2015, New York Film Academy awarded me a $7 000 talent-based partial scholarship to study Acting for Film in its Los Angeles-based campus. Due to being unable to raise funds for my outstanding tuition fees, I've since not been able to relocate to Los Angeles to start my education.In May 2019, NYFA insisted that I re-audition in order to retain my scholarship. I did and they raised my partial scholarship to $9 000.

I've resolved into BackaBuddy with a hope to raise funds that'll help me accomplish my wildest dream of studying in one of the prestigious acting schools in the world, which will equip me with vast knowledge, training and unsurpassed real-world experience. Thus, be ready to navigate and work in the industry after my graduation. More than anything, I hope that the success of my story and journey serves as an epitome of inspiration worth emulating for the underprivileged and kids with different forms of disabilities across the entire world.

As the first person to be granted such a lifetime opportunity in my family and in my impoverished rural community, I hope to emerge as an asset that will come back and enlift the youth with my gained knowledge from NYFA and the industry at large. I am in a dire need and humbly ask you to help me realize my dream through making a generous donation towards my education.

Warmest regards

Citizen Mbatha

*Funds raised will be transferred directly to the NY Film Academy*


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

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I am a partially sighted actor born with a rare eye condition called nystagmous and I am in a dire need of funds to pay for my outstanding tuition fees at the New York Film Academy where I will be studying Acting for Film.