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Help Denford start his business

Help Denford start his business

Personal message

I’ve known Denford for over 7 years now. He’s the kind of dedicated teacher who does everything he can to make a success of his life and steps up to create his own opportunities in the world. Denford D Zawu a chess player, coach and chess Arbiter had always had a dream to impact on other people's lives for the better. Through his skills and talent, he pioneered chess intelligence where chess is used to impart skills and morals like valuing team work, tolerance, problem solving, critical thinking concentration, building confidence etc to fully develop individuals and be used in day to day life.

Proof on progress will be measured by the activities that will include; coming up with self sustenance projects and income generating projects that will facilitate the application of skills learnt in chess, improving people's lives and creating income opportunities in communities.  To get things going, funding is needed to acquire chess equipment that will be used. This project will help all the participants as they develop to be responsible individuals and also improve their lives from numerous skills that they get from chess. Part of Zawu’s plan is to sell chess equipment and with the profit generated, start to build up his own business to support the programmes he runs. 

The target groups range from Primary School children to adults as chess does not discriminate on age, gender, disability etc The initiative will help bring chess to a lot of communities including the marginalized and disadvantaged ones.Please help fund the project and contribute to the initiative that will magnificently change people and communities for the better. 


  • Dec 03, 2018 - USD $ 133.66
  • "Good luck!" - Ned Cranborne

  • Dec 03, 2018 - USD $ 229.74
  • "Good luck" - Steve

  • Nov 29, 2018 - R 514.10
  • "All the best...go Chess" - A friend in Africa

  • Nov 29, 2018 - USD $ 76.34
  • "Good luck!!" - Sam Corsellis

  • Nov 29, 2018 - USD $ 72.57
  • "Good luck!" - Rupp Joe

  • Nov 29, 2018 - USD $ 267.22
  • "Wishing you the best of luck. " - P Poynter

  • Nov 27, 2018 - R 514.10
  • "Great plan!" - Hirshons

  • Nov 26, 2018 - R 260.00
  • "Good luck, sounds amazing!" - E

  • Nov 23, 2018 - R 1 010.00
  • "Good luck Denford" - Kim Schofield

  • Nov 21, 2018 - USD $ 223.79
  • "Thank you for teaching me Chess" - Christoph & Ilaria

  • Nov 21, 2018 - USD $ 186.50
  • "Good luck" - Heinrich & Amanda

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Donations to date

R 18 810.34

Fundraising target

R 95 000.00

Denford Zawu Chess Cause

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Denford D Zawu a chess player, coach and chess Arbiter had always had a dream to impact on other people's lives for the better.

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