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Help Erez & Louisa after devastating fire

Help Erez & Louisa after devastating fire

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Erez and Louisa's farm and livelihood have been devastated by the firestorm that raged through Knysna and Plett. Friends, family and anyone cares for this incredible family can help them rebuild their lives by contributing whatever they can to this crowdfunder.

Erez and Louisa have built up a beautiful productive small farm with free range happy chickens and organic vegetables. Erez is also a talented and well respected carpenter providing much needed employment while Louisa has helped many a baby into the world and supported moms after birth.

Their lives changed on June 7th when the firestorm which raged from Knysna through to Plett devastated their farm. They had evacuated most of their precious belongings into the safety of the large workshed but during the night a fireball from a tree landed on the roof and they had to race away from the flames to safety. They last the entire workshed with all their precious belongings as well as ALL of Erez's tools and machinery. Hundreds of homes were lost in this fire.

Please help Erez and Louisa rebuild their lives and enable Erez to work again by contributing whatever you can to their crowdfund. Everything added together will make a huge difference to this wonderful couple's life, their three children and the land and animals they are custodians of.

Thank you!


Name Comment Date Amount
MS New beginnings. Aug 16, 2017 R 410.00
Ariel - Aviel Love you !!! Jun 27, 2017 USD $ 81.85
Greg Patmore Much love to you guys. Just glad you all came through ok. Xxx Jun 27, 2017 R 1 709.21
Sarah Meder With all my love <3 Jun 27, 2017 USD $ 40.92
Greg and Sarah Sending you guys lots of love, strength, and positive energy. Jun 20, 2017 R 1 028.20
Murray John and Kate Wilson Good Luck Jun 18, 2017 R 5 141.00
Eglise Le Sarment CH-1162 St-Prex Switzerland Our community is praying for you and your family in those dificult times Jun 15, 2017 R 13 366.60
Cristina & Schalk Botha Sending lots of love and strength Jun 15, 2017 R 1 982.23
Anonymous Hope this helps. Jun 15, 2017 R 1 028.20
Bexy Urquhart Good luck guys x Jun 14, 2017 USD $ 41.23
Ulrike Baldzuhn So sorry for your loss Jun 14, 2017 R 500.00
Fran Be Strong, sending you and the family Much Love! Thinking of you All! Look forward to seeing you soon! Jun 14, 2017 R 616.92
Anonymous My sincere sympathy for your loss, but may you reach your goal and continue to do great work Jun 14, 2017 R 1 010.00
Ross Family Be strong Jun 14, 2017 R 514.10
Sue Phillips . Jun 14, 2017 USD $ 82.47
Daniela Love ???????????? Jun 13, 2017 USD $ 82.19
Howard and Fiona Thinking of you, good luck Jun 13, 2017 R 2 056.40
Karen Things will get better Jun 13, 2017 R 1 000.00
Anonymous Sending strength and courage Jun 13, 2017 R 1 028.20
Jaine Edwards With much love and positive thoughts, Spicewood, Texas Jun 13, 2017 R 329.28
Brendon Morris All the best from here on my fantastic neighbours and friends. Jun 13, 2017 R 500.00
Tanya Melnychenko Sending you Love strength and a little Cash from Oz xxx Jun 12, 2017 USD $ 101.91
KOHLER Praying for you all. Jun 12, 2017 R 1 028.20
The Winckler Family God Bless xxx Jun 12, 2017 USD $ 81.53
Tali Feinberg Dear Erez and Louisa, thank you for taking the time to speak to me for my article. Wishing you strength at this time! Jun 12, 2017 R 205.64
RUP Will help where we can Jun 12, 2017 R 5 010.00
Mary and John Keep strong. It will come right Jun 12, 2017 R 5 010.00
Alan and Liz With a little help from your friends........... Jun 12, 2017 R 500.00
Anonymous Stay strong . From the UK. Sorry I can't send more . X Jun 12, 2017 USD $ 6.69
Bernadette McCabe My deepest compassion for your devastating loss. Jun 11, 2017 R 600.00
Deirdre May Hashem bless and guide your future Jun 11, 2017 USD $ 81.28
Caitlin Truman-baker May the Phoenix rise. Love and strength to go forward. Jun 11, 2017 R 1 028.20
Anonymous Sending you strength and love Jun 11, 2017 R 514.10
Cindy Strength to you Jun 11, 2017 USD $ 40.64
Arabella Sending you all our love Jun 11, 2017 R 1 000.00
Sandy Burnard May God Bless your family during this hard time Jun 11, 2017 R 510.00
The Chao Family Much love from Canada. Jun 11, 2017 USD $ 81.28
Sean & Jacqui Rogers Love & strength to you & your family Erez from us in Oz!! Jun 11, 2017 USD $ 79.03
Brinwyn Good luck guys, thinking of you. Jun 11, 2017 R 500.00
French J&T God Please bless this family I pray in Jesus name. Jun 11, 2017 R 514.10
Louise Wentzel We are in this together - you are loved and supported xxx Jun 11, 2017 R 205.64
Frances Kierman &a Carl Beukes Wishing you luck and love rebuilding. Jun 11, 2017 USD $ 40.64
Claire Moynihan Out of the ashes and devastation, may you have a blessed new beginning. Jun 11, 2017 USD $ 26.30
Jeremy Howell Strength to you all, you are an amazing family Jun 10, 2017 R 1 028.20
Toya Louw Thinking of you big time all my love Jun 10, 2017 R 1 000.00
Tania and Gary Sheppard Every little bit helps. Bless at least you are ok Jun 10, 2017 USD $ 38.63
Keren shachaf & ziv ??? ??? ??????. ????? ???????. ????? ?????? ?????? Jun 10, 2017 R 1 943.13
Kara and Richard Gnodde We are thinking of you all. Jun 10, 2017 R 5 141.00
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Erez and Louisa's farm and livelihood have been devastated by the firestorm that raged through Knysna and Plett.