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Help for Gerald Fitzpatrick House

Help for Gerald Fitzpatrick House

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Gerald Fitzpatrick House, after 85 years, continues to be one of a very few Homes left who will not turn a destitute, vulnerable, frail, elderly woman away because she cannot afford to pay the monthly unit cost of R14 400.00 p/m for Frailcare. Our mission is to continue looking after these elderly women who have no alternative place to go.

We have 38 residents in Frailcare (most of whom only receive the SASSA Grant of R1700p/m) which amount to a total running cost of R6 566 400.00 per annum. Due to varying incomes and family contributions as well as the qualifying government subsidy, the shortfall needed to be subsidised by the Home is approximately R4 000 000.00

Over the years we have relied on donations from individuals and the National Lottery. We have also been blessed to have had support from organisations such as Woolworths, Dischem Foundation and Pick 'n Pay with donations-in-kind. These are invaluable as they save on the cash requirements to a greater or lesser extent.

Despite all these wonderful contributions and efforts on our behalf, support generally for the aged and infirm has dwindled - old age care for the less priviliged is now a forgotten cause. The Lotto grant has been radically reduced, and without the current donations received from our valued, faithful supporters, we would be severely hampered in our activities.

We will need significant financial assistance to achieve our fundraising target in order to keep our doors open to a much needed service to the elderly community.

We appeal to your generosity for support in helping us to strengthen our coffers.



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Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Gerald Fitzpatrick House

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To provide a self-sustaining, independent and secure home for elderly ladies of limited means.


The elderly have the right to respect, independence and dignity. Our dedicated staff provide the necessary care with love, warmth and understanding so as to develop and enhance the quality of life for our residents in their advanced years. Residents all have varying backgrounds and are welcomed irrespective of race and creed.We provide inexpensive accommodation that is both efficient and economic as well as being safe, secure, clean and pleasant. Nutritious meals, therapy and stimulation are available to all residents. When the need arises, should they become frail, they are further supported by a high standard of 24-hour nursing care. This is accomplished with the co-operation of their families, the community, our supporters and with limited support from government


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