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Help for life skills center

Funds Raised:
R 473
Fundraising Target:
R 500 000

Personal message

Dear humans! I have a passion for children, specifically those who don't have a voice to speak up and feel they don't have a place in today's busy world. 

The aim is to open a life skills center for teenagers who cannot perform in a mainstream school. We want to offer a unique platform where they can be creative, participate in a practical environment, and learn subjects like early childhood development, nail and beauty, woodwork, maintenance, food production, creative arts, and more. 

We desperately need funding to help them reach their full capacity by allowing them to work with the right equipment and materials. We want to open our center at the end of the year and change their disabilities into abilities. 

Your contributions will fund the development of our future generation, and these children also deserve a place in our community. Thank you for considering our cause!

Reaching our target will ensure we can pay the rent and electricity and buy all the necessary equipment, which is a crucial part of the curriculum. After completing their education, the main goal is to be welcomed in the workplace and start earning income for themselves.

Deposit and rent R60 000 ( we need a premise with enough space to work with machinery, kitchen equipment, and classrooms to accommodate every learner.

  • Maintenance and woodwork stations with necessary machinery R150 000
  • Beauty and nails R 30000
  • Food production R 50000
  • Early childhood dev class R10000
  • Creative arts and music R60000
  • Computers R20000
  • Chairs. Tables, whiteboards, and work benches R80000
  • Projectors R10000
  • Recreation center R20000


  • Sep 27, 2023 - USD $ 28.04 Tipped
  • "Mag dit die begin van groot dinge wees, Wendy!" - Adele Reid

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Fundraising target

R 500 000.00

Donations to date

R 473.25

Vita Kampus NPC

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We want to open a life skills center for children who cannot progress in mainstream school. 

They will learn woodwork, maintenance, food production, early childhood development, nail and beauty, creative art and music, and more. These skills will help them be part of the community and earn an income. 

To reach these dreams, we require financial support by seeking donations/sponsors/ funding to ensure the growth of our center. For us to teach these special humans, they will need tools, machines, computers, cooking equipment, beauty and nail products, art supplies, special workstations, and more. 

Please help us to change their disability into an ability. Thank you for considering our cause and to make their future a reality!