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Help Get Up Woman

Help Get Up Woman

Personal message

I would like to raise R300000.00 for Get Up Woamn so that they can assist women get back on their feetafter leaving an abusive situation.Shelters offer a temperary solution, but a permanent solution requires capital that most of these ladies don't have.

Rental, deposit, electricity, food andtransport for at least 3 months is needed for theseladies to give them breathing space to start again.

Start up for a lady for 3 months totals around R30000.00 each.

Our aim is to assist 10 who are serious about leaving and living a safer life.

We will walk each step with them from protection orders to court cases if need be to keep them out safely.

Ir is proven that the answer to the question "why do women stay in abusive relationships?" is simply because they have no other alternatives as most are financially reliant on their abusive partners.

Assistance other than financial has already been set up e.g. couselling, entrepreneurial courses, recruitment courses and skills development. We just need financial assistance to get them set up.

"A woman's freesom sadly comes at a cost and is the reason most stay trapped and die in their situations, this needs to end"


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Fundraising target

R 300 000.00

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We assist women over a 6 pillar plan.