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Help Lexi's Owner Pay for her Operation

Help Lexi's Owner Pay for her Operation

Personal message

Hi, my name is Shaun.  I have a Dog called Lexi; she had to have an emergency operation a month ago.  It was a choice between the operation, or having to put her down, and I just could not do that she is still so young and loving.  We just had to give the operation a go.

Thankfully it worked and Lexi pulled through!  But I have fallen on hard times income wise and can not pay the vet bill for Lexi.

Being able to pay off the vet bill, will really help me get back on my feet.




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R 9 000.00

Lexi Veterinary Operation Cause

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Hi, my name is Shaun.  My little dog Lexi had to undergo emergency surgery a month ago.  But after falling on hard time, I'm struggling to pay her vet bills.