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Help me fulfill my dreams

Help me fulfill my dreams

Personal message

Hello everyone my name is Arabang Rakale currently residing in Pretoria North in South Africa, I'm aged 18 turning 19 this December. I have always believed to be a child of speciality and talent while I saw the world as kind and loving ...always so thoughtful and kind hearted but all that changed when my mom and Granny passed away the same year in 2013 and everything was not the same anymore...I lost touch with my family and everything was not the same anymore I drifted away from the world that gave birth to me and and lost touch with I had brainstormed A beautiful idea of impacting the world and communities an idea so tiny and unique that it generates beautiful feelings and emotions ..the idea to create movement for unique water brand, the kind of water that sets you right and make you miss drinking water , the type of water you would never go a day without drinking ...AstroWater - water is life. And I plan to make it a long lasting idea that will change lives.

Please don't kill my dreams.


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Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

Kuierkidz leersentrum

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We at Kuierkidz learning center in Hartbeespoort, RSA, desperately need a safe forever home for our special needs kids (all cultures and disabilities) who are eventually becoming adults. Parents can't be there for them always. They all need socializing and friends, support, therapy and will never be able to fend for themselves.

Please, we need to purchase a house for them. We started with 2 kids in 2008 and have grown to 22. And there are more out there, just sitting at home, with no stimulation. We have 11 tutors. We get no government funding and parents carry the heavy load, as well as tough medical bills. Please help us buy us a home.

God Bless. 

For more information about our school, please visit our website: