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Help Natasha complete tertiary education

Help Natasha complete tertiary education

Personal message

I am currently in my second year of study at AFDA. I am studying sound design for film.  
Afda is one of the only internationally recognized films schools in the country or else I would study at a cheaper institution. Afda does not offer bursaries for anyone but honour students, despite my high marks.

Afda Costs almost R90 000 a year and I'm currently only making one grand a month. I work as a tutor, I've sold my books, I worked as a waitress in the holidays. Nothing seems to make a dent.

I took out a loan for both of my years of studies, and it is due in a few years. I would be R172 000 in debt but last year I managed to raise 30 grand from working part time. Next year though, I'm going to have to take out another loan. 

I will reapply for an NFVF bursary but I didn't get one for this year and I might not get it for next year. I enter ever bursary competition i come across but have never won anything. 

Please help me if you are able. Of course, some charities on this platform save lives so I ask you to donate to them first. Their lives are more important than my education. If I ever become successful I will come back and donate to as many people as possible.

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Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Natashas Afda Campaign

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I am currently in my second year of study at AFDA. I am studying sound design for film and need to pay off my loans that I took out to help me continue my studies.  Please help me settle these debts.