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Help Quote This Woman+ Make the Best Database of Experts in Africa

Help Quote This Woman+ Make the Best Database of Experts in Africa

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R 1 277 000

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It’s 2023 in South Africa, and we live in interesting times.

From load shedding to rampant crime, from state capture to climate change - the only way to keep track is our wonderful media outlets.

But the media are also going through interesting times. From artificially generated news stories to deep fakes, and from declining revenues to threatening court cases, journalists have never been busier or more stressed.

And marginalised people (the ones most affected by all this) are neither seen nor heard, most of the time. Think about it: when you listen to the radio, or read a news article, how often are women or other marginalised people quoted? Stats show that four out of five experts quoted in the media are men.

How to make sense of all this?

Quote This Woman+ is here to help.

We have a database of over 700 women+ experts. We make that database available to journalists. And that means that when a crucial issue needs discussion, important voices can be heard in the media: women, people living with disabilities, elderly, poor, and rural women; women from cultural or religious minorities, and those with different sexual or gender identities. 

Our core work is the care and feeding of that database, and we are more than thrilled that we have the support of the Google News Initiative to revamp it this year. They’ve brought $51,000 (about R894,000) to the table which we have to match by raising $21,857. That’s about R383,000. 

The project involves going through all our database entries, which date back to 2019 when they were just lines in a Google spreadsheet, and making them ready to be imported into a new, secure and interactive website. That means hiring a project manager, and designers and developers, as well as getting on the phone to all 700 experts to ask them if their details are still correct. 

Please help us make this the best list of women+ experts in Africa!

Even small donations can make a difference. All donations are tax-deductible.

Media testimonials: 

Thanks Kathy, this initiative has been fantastic. Do keep it up! - Sipho Mabena, The Citizen

Quote This Woman+ has become an indispensable resource for many media practitioners. Not only does it help close the gap on who gets quoted in mainstream media, but it also helps inject our work with fresh and often overlooked narratives. - Sarah Smit, Mail and Guardian

You make my job ten times easier,  and my work 100% more balanced. I really appreciate what you are doing here. - Jamaine Krige, freelance journalist

Quote This Woman+ is a wonderful resource for journalists and Kathy Magrobi and her team is super responsive and resourceful. They have a bank of experts at their fingertips: quality people with useful insight into a range of subjects. - Greg Arde, contributor to M&G, News24, AmaBhungane and Groundup.

On behalf of Food For Mzansi, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by you and the team of Quote This Woman+. As an agricultural publication we've been on a serious mission to include more women experts in our stories and it's beautiful to see. - Duncan Masiwa, Food For Mzansi

Expert testimonials: 

Being a young female expert and being quoted is unheard of but has been possible thanks to QW+. - Shakira Choonara, health expert

Thank you so much for the exposure and support. I am so excited! - Brenda Kubheka, health expert

Great news, your database is working! I have received more approaches from journalists these last six months than ever. - Lisa Kane, transport expert


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Fundraising target

R 1 277 000.00

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Quote This Woman+

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When it comes to the news, a woman is interviewed or quoted as a media expert only once for every four times that a man is. This means that time and again, stories that impact women as much as they impact men, are discussed on news panels and reported in newspapers without women having a chance to voice their input. QW+ curates a database of woman experts, leaders, and agitators; and lobbies journalists and news producers to turn to this database first when looking for people to interview and quote for their stories.

We also call out gender bias in news reporting. We are a nonprofit, and we do not charge experts to be on our database, nor do we charge journalists to access it, as we believe in a level playing field that advantages all experts and all journalists equally. We rely on support from those who have the means to pay; and the belief in what we do, to keep us afloat and sustainable in times ahead.