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Help restore Melissa sight

Personal message

We are so excited to be helping Melissa Erasmus with restoring her sight. Melissa lives in Grassy Park in Cape Town and has had progressive corneal blindness for 18 years.

Her eye disease is too advanced to wear glasses or standard scleral lenses. Melissa will get crystal clear vision with a precision-designed set of scleral lenses made for her in New Zealand. She's excited about being able to drive soon and get her independence back.

Since August 2021, Melissa has received training at the Cape Town Society for the Blind. Receiving the gift of scleral lenses will transform this young woman's life in many ways.

Can you imagine the joy of being able to see again after such a long time of living with almost no sight!

Living with corneal blindness is extremely challenging - venturing out alone is dangerous for Melissa, and she is dependent on her mom, who is 71 years old. 

Because keratoconus starts at such a young age, it significantly impacts psychosocial development and education. Melissa feels very isolated, and her confidence will be significantly boosted when she can see again.

Funds raised will cover the cost of :

  • All Optometry Appointments
  • Multiple Cornea Scans and Mapping
  • Lens Design
  • Cost of lens manufacture and import
  • Training
  • Four months follow-up evaluation
  • Take home cleaning and storage solutions
  • Family Support and counselling


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 25 455.00


Eyes2Eyes Logo

Eyes2Eyes is a registered Non-Profit Organisation passionate about changing the lives of people with avoidable blindness from cornea disease. Through the supply of new diagnostic technology and highly customised scleral lenses to  patients with cornea disease in South Africa, we are giving people the gift of sight and reducing the devastating impact of blindness. 

We are also raising awareness about the need for the procurement of cornea tissue within our own borders. At the moment, cornea tissue is imported at great expense. Please consider registering as an organ and tissue donor in South Africa, and if you do, please have the conversation with your family, who ultimately makes the decision on your demise. 

If you'd like to chat with us about how corneas are procured, please don't hesitate. The procedure is gentle and does not disfigure the donor.