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Help Rivaldo Walk Again

Help Rivaldo Walk Again

Personal message

Rivaldo Duckett is a young boy with a great sense of humour and with a dream to study IT at university. He also has muscular dystrophy, a disorder which prevents him from living life to its fullest. His form of muscular dystrophy is genetic and is deteriorating rapidly. Apart from preventing him from walking, he is now unable to sit up on a bed without falling over.

His mother, Evelyn, does her best to help him as much as she can. However, she has been a single mother since Rivaldo was 3 years-old and, without any family able to actively help out, she is struggling. She has tried to get a nurse from the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation but, unfortunately, they only have nurses that work in the private sector, which is beyond the means of Evelyn.

Fortunately, there is hope. On 16 October, Rivaldo will be going in for an operation to fix his spine and twisted pelvis. Without this surgery, he will be bed ridden for life and his body will continue to deteriorate. However, with this surgery and the grace of God, not only will the deterioration be stopped, but he may be able to walk once more.

As any parent would understand, the needs of their children always come first, so you should be able to fully understand this tragic situation and how much his mother wants her bright child to live without such a crippling restraint.

I have created this page to ask for any donation to help pay for the inevitable post-operation care expenses that will be incurred. Evelyn is a devoted mother and Rivaldo is a child with a great future ahead of him and it would be gratifying to see life deal them some good cards for a change.

Evelyn can be contacted at the following email address if there are any queries about Rivaldo or his condition that you would like to ask: [email protected]


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

A child in need is a child indeed

A child in need is a child indeed Logo

My name is Evelyn Duckett a single mom of Rivaldo Duckett who is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and wheelchair bound. On 16 October 2016 Rivaldo will undergoing a pelvis and spine surgery. He is going to need a lot of things when he is discharged from hospital. Rivaldo will be +-2-3 weeks in ICU and when discharged +-2-3 months at home.