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Help save the Dolphins of Taiji

Help save the Dolphins of Taiji

Personal message

I was proud to volunteer as a Cove Guardian for Sea Shepherd in the 2012/2013 Season. I have no words for what I experienced in Japan. I thought I was prepared for the experience but I had no idea. I realised I was stronger than I thought. I will return to Japan and continue to raise awareness and do what I can to bring an end to the murder of these amazing beings. Taiji will be with me forever. We are ALL responsible for what goes on in this world, and it is up to every single one of us to make the conscious change to live a compassionate life and to stand up for those without a voice. "˜We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came.'

Please help me get back to Japan. No donation is too small. Thank you!


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Fundraising target

R 60 000.00

No More Suffering

No More Suffering Logo

NOMORE SUFFERING is a Registered South African non-profit organisation focused on increasing the awareness and highlighting the atrocities against animals. NMS’s vision for the future is one where animals are valued in their own right and where they are free from suffering. NMS illustrates the desire to think to the future, constantly striving to address the challenges and abuse faced by animals today.

NMS aims to changing people’s perceptions regarding how they view Animal Rights by introducing educational, fun, and interactive elements. NMS will work independantly and in collaboration with other organisations that deal with animals and animal rights. NMS will educate people about the problems facing all animals, and share with the public how they can make a difference in their day to day life.

NMS’s goal is to challenge the status quo by raising awareness. We want to end animal exploitation and suffering by focussing on related trades such as factory farms, the clothing trade, laboratories and the entertainment industry. By acting as a development platform, we can build a united front with the support of organisations and people to achieve a humane environment for ALL animals.

NMS operates without prejudice towards race, color, nationality, religious belief, or any other consideration except for an impartial adherence to upholding the welfare and rights of all animals.