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Help us to let the children play!

Personal message

Noordhoek Football Club's Spencer Siljeur ("Coach Spencer"), an educator by profession, started coaching youth football at the club as a volunteer, seven football seasons ago in 2011. He currently manages the junior division of the club.

The club’s junior division has grown to 60 members. The children, who reside in the local township of Masiphumelele, cannot afford to pay for any of the costs. Since 2011, Spencer has pre-dominantly self-funded this initiative, along with some help from fellow club members, family and friends. However, it is becoming increasingly challenging to meet all the financial and personnel demands to provide league football as a recreational activity for the children.

‘Coach Spencer’ is considering resigning as it has become impossible to cover the multitude of costs.

Help me to realise the dream of funding the NFC Junior Division before the new season starts in January 2018.

*(Breakdown of annual budget available upon request).

Help us to let the children play!

With love,

Sonette Nobuntu Hill - Project Noordhoeked

If you know of any sports or youth development funds, please contact or Facebook page : @Project Noordhoeked.


Some more background:

The junior footballers of Noordhoek FC mainly reside in Masiphumelele, located in the Fish Hoek valley of Cape Town. Masiphumelele is an impoverished suburb, with sub-economic housing, consisting of council flats, low-cost housing, back yard dwellings and informal settlements next to a wetland. Their homes are commonly referred to as “shacks”.

The children’s ages range from 8 to 16 years old.

The issues within the living conditions of our junior members are, among others, few leisure activities, low self-esteem, criminal activity in various forms, very few male role models, few aspirations and few challenges involving joy and responsibilities.

There are some opportunities for recreational activities in Masiphumelele, however, there are insufficient organised football clubs, fields, facilities and resources to meet the needs of all its children.

Hence, many of the young footballers’ parents, mostly single mothers, opt for their sons to join Noordhoek Football Club, about 7 kilometres from Masiphumelele, knowing that their children need healthy activities to off-set the possibility of boredom and anti-social behaviour such as drug taking and gangsterism.

Although not obviously a panacea for all of Masiphumele’s socio-economic and contextual challenges, Noordhoek FC does and will make a substantial and sustainable difference to the lives of these children.

Noordhoek FC’s part in addressing these issues, albeit with challenges, focuses on providing dedicated soccer training and league matches, engaging with the wholistic development of the children during these football activities. Learning lessons about losing, winning, how to treat others with respect, to train, to work hard, to be disciplined and committed, to be accountable to the team and teammates, to have purpose in representing pride and honour in the form of wearing the Noordhoek FC badge, to be responsible in a healthy pursuit.

At Noordhoek FC there are strong male role models in the form of the senior members and coaches, mainly fathers of some of the juniors, who have volunteered to help with managing the respective age grouped teams.

Help us to let the children play!


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  • "Team Work" - Spencer Siljeur

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  • "Great effort . Keep it up " - Wayne

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  • "H50th Colette: Happy Birthday Helga" - Colette

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  • "H50th" - Lisa Sonn

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  • "Keep up the great work" - Nigel & Dawn (H's 50th)

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  • "H50th - Lovely to see so many smiling happy faces! Well done to you all!" - Honickes

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  • "What a lovely sentiment!" - Luci

  • Nov 09, 2017 - USD $ 74.32
  • "Keep up with the good work. " - Dustin Skriker H50th

  • Nov 09, 2017 - R 308.46
  • "H50th, well done for this amazing initiative." - Kim (for Helga's 50th)

  • Nov 09, 2017 - USD $ 14.86
  • "H50th" - Anonymous

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  • "Keep up the amazing work Spencer and team! (H50th)" - Helga

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  • "Good luck " - Barry

  • Oct 20, 2017 - USD $ 38.99
  • "Work as a team" - Anonymous

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Sonette Hill on behalf of Project Noordhoeked

Sonette Hill on behalf of Project Noordhoeked Logo

Noordhoek Football Club's Spencer Siljeur, an educator by profession, started coaching youth football at the club as a volunteer, seven years ago. Today, he not only coaches one of the youth teams but also manages the junior division of the club.

Our dream is to raise the funds needed to cover costs for the 60 young soccer champs before the new season starts in January 2018.