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Helping Lana Find Help & Heal

Helping Lana Find Help & Heal

Personal message

Lana is in desperate need of medical care and she's not finding it anywhere. She's seizing a few times a day and it's starting to affect her cognitive ability. We'd love to set her up with some funds to reach out to medical experts to help her.

Here's her story:

Let’s get to the point:

I have an appointment with a neurologist on 20 August 2019 and to see him will cost R 3 900.

This includes an EEG which he does himself at his practice.

This does not include further testing e.g. MRI, Blood tests etc. (if need be) or cover my treatment (whatever that might be).

HUMBUG! You might say, there are state facilities, or “I know a Neurologist” or “Have you tried this….” Beggars can’t be choosers right? And that has been the story of my life and why I am here.

Where is here?

 Currently I am having seizures almost daily. Am I at all certain what kind of seizures? No. I would take a guess and go with Focal Mal because although I experience all the nerve misfirings and a great big shock through my head, nerve spasms (the list goes on) I remain completely conscious. Yea you’d think my brain would like to take a nap right about then, but no.

The worst part is that I’m losing my cognitive abilities and speech abilities at quite an alarming rate. After every seizure my brain and body needs to reboot and I’m just not keeping up. Most days are spent in bed. A few doctors have said I should be in hospital, but I don’t have that kind of money and honestly, I’m a bit of an authority on hospitalisation, until I see a specialist, I can get better rest at home.

Why am I so stubborn?

As a baby I couldn’t sleep, I have always suffered from insomnia which has followed me to adult hood. I also suffered from fever spikes until I was five years old, so I was a regular in the local emergency rooms. While in primary school I started seeing a psychologist as that was “the norm” rather than finding the right medical professional for your symptoms, which was a futile attempt as this was not all in my head.

From the age of 12 I was once again a regular visitor at the emergency rooms as I was suffering with migraines and was repeatedly pumped full of medication like pethidine. This was when I was introduced to my first Neurologist who blamed hormones and diet as the cause for my symptoms.

When being bipolar was the popular diagnosis a church psychologist was quick off the mark to replace that as my diagnosis at the age of 16.

From 16-25 I was constantly in and out of hospital seeing various neurologist, psychologists and psychiatrists under the veil of bipolar and temporal lobe epilepsy (which has finally been diagnosed).

Over the last 6 years, I have been to state facilities, I have been to private hospitals where no one could help me, I have had electro convulsive therapy (“shock therapy”) I have been physically abused when having a seizure. ER nurses have turned off monitor alarms as they just made too much noise as they didn’t want to help me. I have seen every recommended neurologist, various specialists, homeopaths, if you can think of a treatment for epilepsy I have probably tried it! I have been scanned, prodded and poked so many times in my life and no one has helped me.

This is the first time in my life where no one has dictated to me how I should handle my disease. I gave up four years ago and now my seizures have come back worse than ever.

I have chosen this specific doctor for his skills in treating epilepsy and for out of the box thinking when it comes to treatment plans. I cannot go on the way I am now because I am a shell of who I used to be and with every seizure I lose a little bit more. I am afraid that soon I won’t even recognise myself when I look in the mirror.



  • Aug 20, 2019 - USD $ 34.07
  • "Hope you get the help you need. Xxx" - AA

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