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R 30 000

Personal message

Greetings, my name is Hendrina, and I've been battling cancer since 2019.

After undergoing treatment for three years, my cancer has unfortunately returned. My husband and I are facing significant financial challenges as a result, which has compounded the many other issues we're currently grappling with.

In just two weeks, I will need to resume treatment, and the stress at home has become overwhelming. The burden of our accumulated debts has become almost insurmountable. At this point, any assistance would be a ray of hope in these difficult times. Your generosity could make a profound difference in helping us regain our financial stability and alleviate some of the immense stress we are enduring.

I would be immensely grateful if you could consider making a donation to support us during this trying period. Your help will not only ease our financial struggles but also provide much-needed relief for my ongoing battle against cancer. Thank you for considering our request and extending a helping hand in our time of need.


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R 30 000.00

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Cancer 62516 Campaign

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I'm Hendrina, battling cancer since 2019, and it has returned. My husband and I are in financial distress with mounting debts. In two weeks, I'm back for treatment, and our stress is overwhelming. Your donation would greatly help us regain our footing and reduce our financial burden. Please consider assisting us during this challenging time. Thank you.