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Help the elderly

Help the elderly

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Fundraising Target:
R 3 000

Personal message

Good afternoon 

I come too you all with a very sad heart.A Elderly man has lost his wife 4 years,due to brain cancer,he had a beuatifull pond that was hes pride and joy.After the death of his wife he went backwards badly and so did the pond.He asked me recently if i could help him get it up and running again because he love having fish in his pond.
I agreed to help him and we cleaned out his pond,it was quite a dirty job ,but i would do anything just to help him.

After we cleaned the pond we came to a unfortunate turn of event.The pump he had in his pond unfortunatly does not work any more.

May i ask that we raise donations to help get a new pond pump for him and get a few small koi fish,small 5-8cm koi fish.

Our target is R3000 which i know looks like a lot but we need a pump that can pump atleast 3000L of water and upwards and get a few nice koi for him.

Any small donatoins will help just so we can get everything sorted for him,this is all that he would like is just to go and sit at his pond


Fundraising target

R 3 000.00

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