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All i need is a mracle

Funds Raised:
R 216
Fundraising Target:
R 155 000

Personal message

My heart aches as i share my post Covid journey with you I am someone who once reveled in a life filled with health and vibrannt activities like dancing ,baking,cooking and fishing.

Then the relentless grip of Covid 19 struck not once but three times.Grateful to have survived but the toll it is taken is immeasurable

My sight, brain and liver and kindney functions have been marred by this adversery.

Now i face a desperate need for surgical intervention to prevent the bile duct from my liver pushing its way through my mouth. Without this surgery .the specter of sepsis , gangrene and cancer looms over me. 

The price , both in terms of my health and financial burden ,is staggering. The estimated cost of the procedure is R131700 not to mention the additional expenses.

I have already missed an abundance of work,yet no matter how i feel  i master a smile.

You see ,I work tirelessly with patients every day,going above and beyonde to provide them with care and support.


Today i humbly ask for your help and support.

Your donation, no matter the size can make an enormous difference in my battle to regain my health and continue my mission for caring for others.

Please consider for contributing to my cause.

Your generosity could be the ray of hope  is so desperately need on this challenging journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .



  • Nov 02, 2023 - R 216.20 Fees covered
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Fundraising target

R 155 000.00

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R 216.20

All i need is a miracle Campaign