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Home Schooling Mr K

Home Schooling Mr K

Personal message

Mr K is a foster child who lives with his foster family, in Cape Town. He turned 13 in January, and loves soccer, Spiderman, building stuff and having fun.

Oh, and he’s never been to school ...

He was kept out of school, but not because he wasn’t bright. He is very intelligent with an amazing memory. He has a great future ahead of him.

He is very practical and loves building things so we’re thinking maybe engineering, but then he is also very kind and caring and his dream is to be a fireman. He just has a lot of catching up to do in terms of his education.

Our aim for Mr K in 2016/7 is to help him catch up as much as possible - and create opportunities for him to experience stuff he just has never had the chance to do.

With the support from the friends who run KUMON tutoring in Pinelands, he has been studying with them since December. He’s been learning to read and count and is beginning to do sums. His reading and maths started at the level of a 3/4 year old - so he’s starting at an early stage in the programme. It’s working well for him as he can progress at his own speed and he gets one-to-one tuition.

One of his KUMON tutors has agreed to tutor him for 20 hours for the rest of the week as well and this is what we are raising money for. She is fantastic and creates wonderfully amazing lessons for him - he loves anything to do with science, and nature; he's showing a real aptitude for maths!

R350 will pay for one day of tutoring for Mr K. Can you help and give Mr K a chance to reach his true potential!


  • Aug 16, 2016 - USD $ 317.13
  • "So happy to help!" - Anonymous

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Mr K is a 13-year-old foster child who was kept out of school. This bright young boy has started studying via KUMON. He is making great progress. We want to create opportunities for him to experience stuff he just has never had the chance to do.