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Fisantekraal Manne Saamtrek 2023

Fisantekraal Manne Saamtrek 2023

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Fundraising Target:
R 50 000

Personal message

We as a church is having a men’s Rally (Manne Saamtrek),

on the 21 st of October 2023. We have celebrate women’s month just about a month ago, and are

having men’s month in October at our church. We don’t just want to celebrate men, but we want to

call men in our community to their rightful places as, father; husband; provider; protector; etc. We

are a small, and yet growing community just outside of Durbanville, called Fisantekraal, and are

concerned about the rise of young boys who fall into gangsterism; domestic violence, drug abuse; etc. We have realized

that we can try and bring change in our young boys’ lives, but then they might just return to a home

where the father is absent, or even worst, participating in these destructive activities. This event is

for all men, in and outside the church; young and old.

Our theme for this rally is called, “n Man met n plan”. It is our first men’s rally and plan to have it

annually. We believe where there is no good plan/vision in place, families get stagnated and adopt

what is called in our community, a “skarrel” mindset. The word “skarrel” in our community, means

to make a living on the street, with any means available. And this where the problems of our

community starts. We want to combat this mindset with principles that will transform and enrich

our men. The entrance fee has a two-fold purpose: 1. It puts value on this rally, and 2. It will be used

to help fund my TV program Encounters on Kruiskyk TV. We want to invite you and ask you to

partner with us in the form of the presence of you and the men of your church/community. We are

trusting God to restore our men, and as a result households and communities will be the

beneficiaries of this marvelous work God is about to do. Our target is to reach 300men. Just imagine,

300 men in the presence of God; singing and praising God; clapping of hundreds of hands; forming of

new friendships; drinking coffee togheter; etc. That’s going to be amazing! And who knows, next

community could be yours. Amen! We are so excited. We are going to have 300 men  and we want to bless and motivate them to put a goodie bag together with guidelines to help them. Looking forward to your contrubition any any form, small or big.

Our church is also registered as a PBO (Public benefit organization), and is therefore accountable

to SARS.  Thank you.


Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

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Fisantekraal Manne Saamtrek 2023 Campaign