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Bear Finds Sanctuary

Bear Finds Sanctuary

Personal message

My name is Bear, I live in a Sanctuary in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) which is a degenerative disease which will most likely shorten my lifespan and lead to quite a painfull death.

Luckily, I was found as a kitten by the Colour of Love Animal Sanctuary who took me in and now makes sure that I am safe and warm and that I have all the food and medicine that I need to make life a breeze. I live with a few other FeLV cats, my favourite is Nix, she was pregnant when she came here and all her kittens are free of FeLV and are kept in a separate part of the sanctuary. But she can see them through the fence and she says hello to her little ones every day. They are growing nicely now, they are all beautiful and fluffy.

I spend my days lounging around, mostly watching lots of cats running around doing their thing. New cats arrive every so often and we are so used to welcoming them in, it is no big deal anymore. We just give them a sniff and a look up and down and that does the trick. Occasionally one or two of them are really scared but it does not take long for them to settle in. Who can blame them, we are really well cared for and have all the space we need.

All this joy and happiness comes at a cost though and our 'human parents' run around trying to save cats in bad situations all of the time. If you can help them just a little with food, vaccinations and sterilisations, their vet bill always seems to be sky high and they say a little from many goes a long long if you can help them just once or a little every month, we would be sooo grateful...act right now please. They say that you can choose to do nothing or you can choose to do something......

Thanks for reading my story,


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R 20 000.00

Colour of Love Animal Sanctuary

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Hi, We are an animal shelter with 33 cats and five dogs who have been rescued from terrible circumstances, Boksburg, Gauteng.

We also do TNR for feral cats and establish colonies to help feed and sterilize them. Every month is a battle to feed and neuter the cats.

We, please, need help as we are the only people in Boksburg that do this work, and there are two of us.