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Help us to deliver Hunger Relief Packs

Help us to deliver Hunger Relief Packs

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Our Soup Kitchens provide Hunger Relief Packs during the Covid-19 lockdown to a poor and homeless community, all the proceeds will be used to provide Hunger Relief Packs to the community. We have a total of 1200 people that we assist monthly with basic needs, and during this time they need more assistance from us.

If we can reach our target we will be able to supply approximately 10 000+ meals to the community during the lockdown period, our people depend on our Hunger Relief Packs.

Fund will be used to purchase food in bulk to make up our Hunger Relief Packs:

400kg Soya Mince, 100kg Dried Sugar Beans, 400kg Maize Meal, 300kg Rice, 300kg Stew powders, 100kg Soup Powders and 200kg dried Vegetables


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R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

We're Against Starvation Foundation

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How many kids dream of getting a new plastic lunch box for school, be able to ask his or her parents for McDonalds tonight, how many kids dream of having a real kids breakfast (coco pops) before school and how many kids dream about having a cup of warm tea tonight before going to bed 

This is why we need all the help we can get to buy a plot where we can uplift and create hope for children as well as their parents, a place where kids will get a new lunchbox with food and snacks in the morning before school and a fun and healthy place they can come to after school for lunch before they go back to the camps