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Save our home

Save our home

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Husky Rescue KZN needs you now!

With less than two months before Husky Rescue KZN finds themselves without a home, this is an urgent appeal for assistance.

We currently have 50 dogs in our care, and with an eviction looming due to financial constraints, the situation has reached dire straits.

How can you help?

We have a monthly debit order that could alleviate the financial stress, starting from as little as R50 a month. Either you, your friends, family or even work colleagues could sign up or promote this, so we can create a sustainable NPO. Six hundred R50 debit orders, will definitely help us achieve this objective. Below is a direct link to the debit order form:…/debit-order-mandate

You can also support us by swiping your Woolworths My School Card or registering online to join this initiative. Just choose #HuskyRescueKZN as your beneficiary. This will not cost you anything, but the huskies will be extremely grateful and eager to demonstrate with kisses on our Open Days.

Secondly, the other way to assist is in helping us find new premises ASAP. It would need to have sufficient land to accommodate all huskies and the staff needed to care for them. We trust that the new premises will have facilities to promote our vision of using huskies as therapy dogs, for both adults and children alike.

Thirdly, once premises have been located, assistance will definitely be required in moving all the huskies to the new location.

The time to act is now!!!

The huskies need you to be their lifeline... Help Us Help Them...


  • Jul 02, 2018 - R 205.64
  • "Really admire the work you guys do! Wish I lived closer - would've loved to volunteer at Husky Rescue KZN! " - xanele

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R 205.64

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R 50 000.00

Husky Rescue KZN

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Husky Rescue KZN registered as The Lebanon ARROHHH (Associationd for the rescue and rehabilitation of Humans, Huskies and Horses).

We specialise in the rescue and rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and abandoned siberian huskies and husky breeds.

We also reach out to rural dogs in our community and provide food and veterinary care to animals that have no access to either.

The dogs we take in are all sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped and deowrmed and treated for any phyiscal or behavioural problems.