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I feel you in my spirit

I feel you in my spirit

Personal message

My name is Gaynor Kadamen, mother of Chrispian(Chrispy), he is 10years old and ADHD. I am 41years old, I have my brown belt in Karate ,I run 5k and 10k.

I was in the Womens Health Mag Jan 2015 for losing 50kg without attending a gym.I did that because of Crispy, he is a busy little boy that needs alot of attention and I didnt see how I was going to do that carrying all that weight. So in a way he was my inspiration.

I am a firm believer of healthy eating and excercising so that is a daily routine.

The reason for my page name, this is the words Chrispy and I have for each other, I say I feel you in my spirit and he says I feel you in my heart.

Th reason why I want to be a champion is to create awareness in my community and at his school and I would like to raise funds not just for Goldilocks and bear but for his school for the resources they might need. Its a need and it will make a difference,having 40kids to a class and 3 - 5 has a learning bearer could pose a problem.



Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 5 000.00

Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation

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Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation offers South Africa’s first non-profit ADHD and mental health screening and early intervention services for children in underprivileged communities. This will ensure early referral, diagnosis and treatment, and improve the quality of life of these children.

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